Acuaverde Beach Resort, Batangas

Secluded in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas is a resort that is perfect for lone travelers, for families, corporate groups and couples alike.


Acuaverde Beach Resort combines beautiful and authentic Filipiniana exteriors with excellent food, service and hospitality. The villas are made of giant bamboos and nipa and the interiors have an up-to-date amenities perfect for the vacationer who still wants some accessibility with the modern world.20160605_133214_HDR

The resort is situated near the beach and guest can enjoy the water activities they offer which include Jetski, Banana Boat, Speedboat, Flyfish and more. For the sports enthusiasts, they can enjoy beach volleyball and frisbee.

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We were given the opportunity to try out their water activities such as the Banana Boat and Jetski. They also had the Flyboard which was really cool because they float on water. The Spa we had in our room was rejuvenating. A must for the vacationers that had a whole day of fun.

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They really had accommodating staff. Thanks to these guys our activities were fun and memorable. They also ensure that though the activities are quite risky, everyone stays safe which is very important to anyone who actually just wants to have fun.

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What sets  Acuaverde apart from other resorts is that they are pet friendly. Pet parents are encouraged to bring their pets to the resort so that both of them can enjoy a relaxing vacation. They even have a pet playhouse for the pets to mingle and socialize around with another.


Acuaverde Beach Resort also offers room service, breakfast to dinner buffets and also has a spa to re-energize you and soothe your aching muscles. It is open all year round. So if you plan to visit them in your special occasions or just want a relaxing vacation. Contact them through their website and book ahead.

During an interview with Executive chef, Richard Dancel, he was able to explain to us the cuisine that Acuaverde and Acuatico, its sister resort serves. Acuaverde serves more of the Asian and Filipino food while Acuatico and its newest bar, AZUL, serves modern Continental cuisine. He sources his produce both local and abroad to cater to both Filipino and international clients. Of course the beef and coffee would come from Batangas, which is what Batangas stands for. All in all, their food will not disappoint.

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