Acuatico Beach Resort

In a corner of Batangas lies a small resort called Acuatico. If you want a place where you can have privacy, a gorgeous view of the ocean, and pure rest and relaxation, Acuatico Beach Resort is the place to be.


Acuatico has been around since 2008. It is a luxury resort that will give you the peace and quiet you are looking for while basking in the glow of the sun, sitting in one of the pretty villas that you can find all over the place.



This is a premium leisure resort located in south of Manila and lies on a brief stretch of Laiya’s famous beach in San Juan, Batangas, one of the Philippines’ most popular vacation destinations. Balinese-inspired modern villas and rooms that can accommodate a maximum number of 70 guests are sprawled all over. There is also less than 30 villas as of now so you can be guaranteed that there won’t be a lot of people when you have your vacation.



There are also many water activities being offered at Acuatico. For thrill seekers, you can go ride a jetski and live life on the edge. For those who want to bond with friends or family, you can take the banana boat or twin banana boat out for a spin or try out the fly fish. You can also play basketball, beach volleyball, kayaking, or pedal boat; all these four can be done with a child so it’s family friendly as well.

You do not need to worry about staying connected because Acuatico Beach Resort has a strong WiFi connection so you can instantly upload that selfie you slayed right down the infinity pool just like the one below.


This place is definitely Instagram friendly. You can take photos at almost any angle and have them come out looking like you stepped out of a magazine. Luxury, comfort, beach, scenic views, infinity pool, IG friendly places, and awesome WiFi connection. What more can you ask for?

Acuatico also has an ongoing campaign happening right now which is called the Light Up a Star campaign. Every time you purchase a star from Acuatico, you support their campaign to help the K12 program of Laiya National High School. This aims to empower high school kids who do not have the financial capacity to pursue college. With this program from Acuatico, they can become interns and OJTs at Acuatico until they graduate and then they can be absorbed by the resort for a full time job.

A small star costs Php50, a medium one costs Php100 and the big one costs Php200. You can bring it home with you to hang on your Christmas tree and it would instantly brighten up your tree. Support Acuatico in their endeavor to help the youth of today.

Visit Acuatico Beach Resort to book your stay. Make sure to do it asap as this place is almost always fully booked!

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