Acne at 40

If you think you’ve survived acne on your teenage years, think again.  Hundreds and even millions of grownups in their 40s and beyond are still dealing with acne.  What’s causing this?

Dirty hands and sponges

Acne at 40
Acne at 40

Frequent touching of face and worse, popping those pimples may trigger breakouts.  This is because a dirty hand may lead more exposure to bacteria which can cause an infection.  Likewise, using foundation and cosmetics that aren’t suitable for your skin type may bring harm than good.  They may clog your pores and eventually cause breakouts.  Even unwashed makeup brushes and sponge may also clog the pores and oil glands, subsequently leading to breakouts.


Excess sebum (oil gland) production may cause acne to adults.  Skin cells that shed become abnormally sticky and clog up in the hair follicle resulting the increase of bacteria that cause acne.

Those ladies who experience irregularity in their menstrual cycle are also prone to acne because of hormonal imbalance.  This is true as well with those nearing their menopause.

Improper diet

A poor diet shows up on the skin. There are a number of food that may lead to blemishes and breakouts.  Too much dairy products and food with a high glycemic index like bakery products and refined bread are a few examples.  To avoid the trigger of acne attack, it is safe to choose colorful fruits and vegetables instead.  Drinking green tea is also helpful as it has anti-inflammatory properties.

Acne at 40
Acne at 40


Pollution isn’t just bad for the health but also harms the skin that may lead to pore blockage and inflammation.  To explain it simply, impurities from the air can get into the skin through the bloodstream.  The body fights those impurities, pushing them out of the skin through those spots called acne.


Stress is said to be the leading cause of acne in adults.  As a person experiences stress, his brain  triggers hormonal reactions. These hormonal changes disrupt the skin’s natural cycle, thus cause breakouts.

To counter stress, deep breathing would help instead of letting negative emotion reign.


Though we need Vitamin D from the sun, too much UV exposure may cause breakouts and spots in adult skin.  The sun between 10 am and 4 pm is the most damaging.

When outside, cover up with a cap or umbrella.  It is advisable, too, to hydrate with water or green tea to fight UV radiation.

Acne at 40

Acne at 40
Acne at 40

Acne is one of the most common medical problems in the world especially among teenagers.  It may more likely contribute to poor self-esteem and depression. Sadly, however, adults nearing their 40s may also experience this type of inflammatory skin disorder.  To combat this, it is better that one learns from his past mistakes when he was just a teenager suffering from acne breakouts.

Avoid too much sun exposure and pollution.  Eat healthily and sleep regularly.  As much as possible, stay away from things, persons, and other factors that may lead to stress.   Also,  the first line of defense against acne is a good daily cleansing habit so clean your face regularly.  But if all else fails, just be grateful and smile will come naturally.  Life will seem better and your happiness will radiate in your face.  What most would notice then is your beautiful smile and happy disposition and not those red spots and inflamed skin.
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