How to achieve Flawless Skin


We all wish our skin came with an owner’s manual, right? Well unfortunately, it doesn’t. So we researched out butts off to make one for you. Read on…

Drink Water. 


It flushes out toxins and carries nutrients to the cells, so it’s vital for great-looking skin. Guzzle half your weigh or more in ounces daily (if you’re about 130 pounds, that’s 65 ounces or about two tall bottles). 

Eat (Good) Fat

Start your year right by eating healthy and nutritious meals
Start your year right by eating healthy and nutritious meals

Healthy fats found in nuts, fish, and olive oil nourish cells. If you deprive your body of them, your skin simply can’t glow the way it should. So get one serving of fish or plant-based fat in every meal (drizzle olive oil on salad; smear peanut butter on toast).

 Try Soy Milk


Some dermatologists think the natural hormones in milk (which you automatically ingest when you drink it) can trigger your oil glands to produce more oil. That could leave you with pimples and breakouts. If you do drink a lot of milk and you’ve been breaking out, try switching to soy milk. It doesn’t have hormones that might increase your body’s oil production. We’re not exactly saying you veer away from the dairy as we all need it for healthy bones. It’s a suggestion to pick soy milk over regular if you’re breaking out. 

Always wash our hands


You wouldn’t wash a plate with dirty water, would you? So don’t rub cleanser on with grimy hands. That way, you won’t spread breakout-causing bacteria to your face. If water’s not available, use a hand sanitizer instead.

Spot problem ingredients


“Noncomedogenic” means a product is less likely to clog pores. But everyone’s skin is different, so an ingredient that works for your friends might not exactly work for you. If you think a product is making you break out, check the label for these ingredients (they’re common pimple causers) and avoid them in the future: (1) stearates–oil substitutes that help products glide on smoothly (2) mineral oil; (3) fragrance–it can irritate skin and trigger breakouts. Check hair products too. Oil, dimeticone (in some shine products), and chemicals in fragrances may trigger breakouts too. 

Keep your phone clean


Swipe the buttons and mouthpiece daily with rubbing alcohol or gadget disinfectant and a cotton pad. If you don’t makeup, bacteria and oil build up can press against skin and clog pores which may eventually lead to breakouts. 

Stop underground pimples


Take a one-time dose of anti-inflammatory, the second you feel a bump starting. It will help reduce swelling that comes along with a mega-pimple. But if you’re already on medication, getting over an illness, or not totally sure it’s okay for you to take an anti-inflammatory, call your doctor first just to be sure.

Fight Blackheads

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Smooth salicylic acid gel on the affected areas at night. It helps push sebum and dead skin out pores more easily. 

If you follow the tips we’ve mentioned above, there’s a big possibility that flawless skin can be achieved. Good luck!

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