How to Achieve the Chok-Chok Korean Beauty Look


No-makeup makeup is the oxymoron that just will not quit. And not that we are complaining — but if we were it would be about not knowing the right way to do it, if there even is a right way to do it, and if this is just some sort of Emperor’s New Clothes situation. Wearing makeup to make it appear as though you are not wearing makeup… isn’t that the whole point of makeup? Makeup is great. But if you’re aiming to get that chok-chok Korean radiant dewy skin, you’ve gotta make some effort girl. You can ask any Korean to debrief you on how it is done. Koreans take their complexions to a degree of seriousness, but considering how nearly everyone follows suit, given the homogenous beauty conventions and standards, when it works it really works.

Koreans call it Chok Chok — that dewy bouncy fresh-as-a-daisy skin glow. K-beauty philosophy is what we all need to perfect our skin first and then enhance with makeup. will show you a few tips on how to achieve them.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Did we not just expound upon the tenants of Chok Chok? If you want to glow goddamnit, you’ve got to hydrate! That said, choose a moisturizer that fills your skin with hydration rather than an occlusive cream that just sits on top.  Moisturize and layer them if you really want to up the Chok Chok. Also, do not skip sunscreen.

Never Not Be Misting!

Double-negative — tricky! What it means is that face mist is your friend. The key to dew is actual dew, so you may as well dew it up with your face mist of choice. Face toning mist helps to balance pH but also veil the skin in hydration. In between each layer of makeup application, she mists to set and allow the makeup to further sink into your skin for a natural finish. Moisturizer — mist — foundation — mist — concealer — mist — blush — mist — keep up now.

Less is More With The Korean Contour

If you’re going to contour, you pick one feature and go with that. Koreans typically choose one product and one feature to sculpt — the jawline, the cheekbones, etc. If you’re going to use a contour stick to shade and sculpt, then that’s that. If you’re going to highlight the high points of your face instead, then you wouldn’t use a contour stick or blush. One or the other.

Blush Up

Blush placement is a tricky thing since it tends to differ for everyone, depending on face shape. The best blush strategy is about making the cheeks look bouncy and awake — dust blush on the apples of cheeks, nearer to the nose than you’d initially expect — for an extra youthful flush.

Embrace The Undone Brow

Straight brow or no, brows are left quite natural — just a little brush up and soft definition with pencil stokes, none too precise. There shouldn’t be any hard edges, just a bit of a deeper contrast to your natural face framers.

Swap Gradient Lips For The “Blooming Blossom” Lip Look

Take cues from the ever popular gradient lip look, but with that “French girl” twist, which makes it all the more effortless and natural-looking, the blooming blossom lip makes your lips mimic the look of flower petals. Apply color to the center of lips and brush outwards, blurring and blotting the edges for a very soft focus look. Instant plumpness.

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