8 Places You Should Visit in Bataan

You may have known the quaint province of Bataan through history books but there’s more to Bataan than meets the eye. Located 3 hours away from Manila, Bataan’s rich history with its role during the Japanese occupation as well as its awesome mountains and beaches makes it the perfect place for a weekend getaway. To start off your Bataan adventure, here’s 9 places that you should add to your list to make your trip a perfect one!

1. Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

Dubbed as the country’s first and only heritage resort by the sea, Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bagac will take you back and show what the 18th-century Philippines look like. The 100-acre land is home to almost forty original Spanish-Filipino colonial structures, most significantly the casas which served as the houses for the elites during the Spanish era. The preserved heritage structures poves how rich our culture and history is. Day passes rates start at Php 999 with a heritage tour included.

Location: Barangay Ibaba, Bagac, Bataan
How to get here: From Balanga Terminal station, ride a mini-bus or jeep going to Bagac. Drop off at the main road and ride a tricycle going to Las Casas.


2. Mt. Samat

The province’s most historical landmark, the Dambana ng Kagitingan (Shrine of Valor) at Mt. Samat is a tribute to the valor of the Filipino and American soldiers who fought against Japanese during the World War II. The cross is 92-meters high and will give you a panoramic view of Bataan and Corregidor. There’s also a World War II Museum where you can learn more about the history of Bataan.

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Location: Pilar, Bataan
How to get here: From Balanga Terminal station, ride a jeep going to Cabog-Cabog and drop off at the Mt. Samat Intersection. Ride a tricycle to get to the shrine.


3. Playa La Caleta

A remote island near Morong, Playa La Caleta is a serene destination that’s perfect if you want to escape the noise of the metro. It is popular for island hopping where you can visit nearby beaches such as the Caragman Cove, Biga Cove and the Velasco Pink Beach (privately owned beach).

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Location: Morong, Bataan
How to get here: From Balanga Terminal station, ride a bus or van going to Morong. From Morong, ride a tricycle to the port where you can rent a boat bound to Playa La Caleta.


4. Sisiman Bay

Located at the southernmost part of the Bataan Peninsula, Sisiman Bay in Mariveles is a perfect location for watching the sunset. Rock formations, pebble beach and a lighthouse, this makes up the unspoiled beauty of Sisiman Bay.

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Location: Mariveles, Bataan
How to get here: From Manila, ride a bus or van going to Mariveles then ride a pink tricycle bound to Brgy. Sisiman.


5. Pawikan Conservation Center

Marine turtles are now highly threatened for extinction but through the help of the provincial government and NGOs, many conservation centers in Bataan has been developed to protect these marine creatures. Morong and Bagac are known as nestling grounds of various sea turtle species in the country. Through these conservation centers, Bataan aims to protect and raise the number of the sea turtles.

Location: Morong, Bataan


6. Dunsulan Falls

Just near Mt. Samat lies Dunsulan Falls. While it’s not as extravagant as other falls, Dunsulan Falls has its own charm. It’s really the perfect side trip to Mt. Samat! There are also obstacles available such as hanging bridge, rope and other for outdoor activities.

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Location: Pilar, Bataan
How to get here: It’s very near Mt. Samat


7. Tortugas Bay Park

The Balanga Wetland and Nature Park commonly known as Tortugas Bay Park is a popular destination for bird watching. Best time to go here is early morning or before sunset since most birds eat during those times.

Location: Balanga, Bataan
How to get here: From Manila, ride a bus bound to Mariveles and drop off at Brgy. Tortugas then ride a tricycle going to the park.


8. Bataan Nuclear Power Plant

Last on our list is the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant. A very controversial project of the Marcos administration, the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant is the only nuclear power plant in the country. Although the government spent US$ 2.3 Billion, the power plant was never used.

Location: Morong, Bataan
How to get here: 
Private transportation is recommended because of its remote location

Bataan is indeed a province filled with surprises. So what are you waiting for? Head north and discover the history that bounds Bataan.

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