7 Pinoy Youtubers That You Should Check Out Today!

Ever found yourself lurking in the depths of Youtube in the middle of the night, looking for something relevant and funny? Youtube is a gold mine of everything entertaining, including vlogs and random videos of dogs. While many of us are familiar with foreign Youtubers like Ryan Higa and Miranda Sings, there are also tons of great Pinoy Vloggers that are worth checking out. Here’s a list of Pinoy Youtubers that you should watch today:


Wil Dasovich 

Currently a PBB Housemate, Wil Dasovich first became known because of his Youtube channel, Tsong and Tsonggo. Started out as a documentation of his adventures in the Philippines, Wil quickly gained followers because of his funny and friendly personality. Check out some of his funny videos below!

Wil learns how to speak Beki:

Wil shares his kakulitan with his grandma:


Ate Charon 

With his funny antics and teleserye lines, it’s no wonder why Ate Charon has amassed over 20,000 views on every of her video. Witty, insightful, and nothing short of punchlines, Ate Charon is definitely something worth checking out. Make sure to search for his old videos where he imitates Angel Locsin!

Ate Charon singing Zayn Malik’s Pillowtalk:

AC goes to Taiwan and re-experiences Meteor Garden:


Haley Dasovich 

Wil’s sister, Haley, has also taken Youtube by storm. She’s gorgeous, funny, adventurous, and a supporter of everything that shows girl power, she’s truly someone worth following.

Haley chases waterfalls:

Haley experiencing Bali:


Jessica MacCleary 

A proud Fil-Am based in the US, Jessica shares a great variety of videos from everything Pinoy to beauty, fashion, and traveling. Her vlog is a great way to see how she juggles her life in the US while still maintaining her Filipino heritage. It also doesn’t hurt that she’s entertaining and has a great sense of style, though!

Jessica shares some weird Pinoy superstitions

Jessica tries Pinoy food:


Eboy Fernandez 

Although still starting out, Eboy’s well edited and fun videos are truly something worth watching. With just 12 videos, catching up on his adventures and funny antics is a breeze.

Eboy’s Bottle Flip Challenge

Eboy and Daniel Padilla, among many others


Lloyd Cadena 

Funny and truly relatable, Lloyd’s witty one-liners and punchlines have paved way for his fame, which ultimately led him to publish a book. Check out his videos that will surely make you laugh out loud!

Lloyd explores Atlantis

Ferrari World with Lloyd


Camie Juan 

Started out as blogger, Camie Juan is now venturing into creating vlogs as well, documenting her travels and adventures in and outside of Manila. Her travel blogs will truly make your wanderlust heart flutter in glee. Don’t miss out her Europe vlogs and her cute videos with Gab.

Camie and Gab in Paris

Camie in Jeju

How about you? Who are your favorite Youtubers? Share it below and we’d love to know!

Janelle Almosara

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