7 lies single ladies say about love

They are those ladies who were once hurt and swore not to fall in love again.  Or they have such big obligation they are willing to sacrifice everything just to fulfill that commitment.  Simply put, there are indeed ladies who would deny themselves of love.  They have these common lies they would tell themselves just to prevent them from finding love.  Let PSST.Ph tells you this part of the story.

Single life means freedom

7 lies single ladies say about love
7 lies single ladies say about love

Probably, most of her friends would run to her and cry.  Their boyfriends and husbands cheated on them and it hurts like hell.  Or her married friends could not always meet their group for lunch because of kids.  If they could, they always have with them their babies in tow.  She sees these as an inconvenience and a big adjustment on her part.  She could not give up her freedom for heartaches and difficulties.

All men are liars and cheaters

After a number of failed relationships or one big hurt, she equates men as liars and cheaters.  She generalizes them having the same intention to break a lady’s heart.  But once she begins to tell herself that not all men are created equal, she would surely find the one who would love her faithfully.

Still waiting for the perfect man

She has already established her career and everything seems perfect.  She always aims for perfection and even the man she is looking for should be perfect.  But then the search is taking her long. It is because maybe that perfect man does not exist.  If only she opens her eyes and looks for the right man instead, she may have her happily ever after.

All good men are taken

She already closed her doors in finding that good man.  She brainwashed herself that all good men are already taken, giving her no more hope to find herself one.  But for every good woman, there is an equivalent good man just waiting to be noticed.

Too busy for love

She must be the type of girl who always run against time. She is busy with her career, her family, and her community.  Her family and community involvement always keep her preoccupied thus making her always busy.   She reasons out she is even too busy to date and even finds time for love.  But the truth is, love isn’t a priority thus she gives it the least importance.

Love is superficial

She finds true love only as a sheer make-believe.  It is but a product of the rich imagination of a writer who himself has not found his true love yet.  It is because, again, true love does not exist.  But if only she would open her heart, perhaps true love would come knocking on her door.

Her life is complete

7 lies single ladies say about love
7 lies single ladies say about love

She is happy with her life or she thought.  She has several nieces and nephews who adore her and simply love her.  She has puppies she walks every morning. She needs no man to complete her as she finds her present condition as just the way she imagines life.

Lies single ladies say about love

If you find telling these lies to yourself, perhaps you will never find true love.  You may not even believe there is a good man for you as you keep on brainwashing yourself that love does not exist.

How about giving yourself a break and for once, stop pretending you need no love.  Stop guarding yourself of heart break.  It is only through heart break that we learn how to give back love.  As they say, a woman has got to love a bad man once or twice in her life to be thankful for a good one.

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