6 Survival tips for an energized morning

Not a morning person? But you’ve just got your new work schedule, and you need to report every morning starting next week.  What to do then to survive aside from taking a double shot of Cafe Americano just to wake up your senses? PSST.Ph shares survival tips for non-morning individuals.

Survival tips for an energized morning

survival tips for an energized morning
survival tips for an energized morning

No snooze button

Most of us would set the alarm and yet would press that snooze button instead to get an extra five to 10 minutes of extra sleep.

The smartest way to schedule the alarm is set it at the time you intend to wake up.  Do not set it even a few minutes ahead of time nor hit the snooze button when the clock rings.  Get up immediately and move.

Music stimulates the brain.  How about setting your alarm to your favorite song?  It would surely give you that instant energy boost.

Hydrate yourself

As soon as you leave your bed, drink or sip water. A glass of water, especially cold, helps you jump start your day.  Drinking in the morning also boost your readiness and hydrates you after that long sleep.

Shake that body
A light exercise would do a favor to wake up your blood and boost that energy.  A simple body shaking and stationary running would give an instant boost of energy.
Eat breakfast
survival tips for an energized morning
survival tips for an energized morning


Breakfast is vital.  A healthy morning meal is a must to energize yourself.  Fill your stomach with carbohydrates and just the right amount of protein.   Even if you have an early shift, never skip breakfast.  Not filling your body with food is not saving time at all.

Take cold shower

To pep up your morning, taking a cold shower is the secret.  A hot shower, on the contrary, will all the more make you sleepy than awake.

Spend at least 30 seconds under the cold tap then switch the water temperature to lukewarm.  This will help increase your blood flow.  Finish off with cold temperature for another 30 seconds under the shower head.

Get extra dose of sunlight
survival tips for an energized morning
survival tips for an energized morning

Pull back the curtain and welcome an extra dose of sunlight to wake up your sleepy soul.  It is proven that natural sunlight helps one feel awake in the morning.  You could even have your breakfast on the porch to catch some sunlight. Or how about do some stretching by the lanai?  Either of the two saves you time from doing them separately.

Survive early mornings

Not a morning person? These handy tips would surely help you survive early wake-up calls.  It wouldn’t hurt as well if you practice healthy and quality sleep.  Surely, a well rested night would make you look forward to new mornings.

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