6 Signs your Relationship Hits the Comfort Zone

Being comfortable with your partner may be taken as a good sign for others.  While for some, it means no more putting on a show thus removing any boundaries between sweethearts.  This may be viewed as negative as there is no longer mystery between the couple.  But whether a good or a bad sign, what would make the relationship alive is still injecting some romance every so often.  What are the signs your relationship hits the comfort zone already?

Zero self-consciousness

6 Signs your Relationship Hits the Comfort Zone
6 Signs your Relationship Hits the Comfort Zone

You have no qualms about letting your partner see you at your worst.  A girlfriend could face his sweetheart with no makeup on or even be embarrassed to ask him to get that tampon inside her bag.  She could walk in front of her guy even without those matching lacy bra and thong set.  The boyfriend, on the other hand, may ask his love to pop that pimple or whitehead from his nose.   He may even fart or scratch his behind in front his lady love as if it’s a normal gesture.

The point is, the two of you are too comfortable with each other that even those once considered hideous concerns are a thing of the past.

Smooth relationship with future in-laws

Your future in-laws invite you to dinner and your partner isn’t offended by the gesture.  They ask for your companion or do some errands for them.  They even call you to ask for their son’s whereabouts or if they want to reach him, for instance.    You’re already considered part of the family that you could even stay with them for an overnight or join their out-of-town trips.

Weight does not matter

You enjoy dining in together and often, you always have pizza and soda when you visit each other’s place.  You both put on a few pounds and that doesn’t bother you.

Incomprehensible conversations

6 Signs your Relationship Hits the Comfort Zone
6 Signs your Relationship Hits the Comfort Zone

You have your own codes and signals that only the two of you understand.  Each one could easily interpret those stares and hand gestures and end up laughing.  You also know those cues when you need to keep your silence and let him have his moment.

Do errands for each other

Doing errands for each other is perhaps one of those cherished yet normal things you both do for one another.  A girlfriend isn’t bothered if she does his laundry.  Same goes with the guy to pick up his girl’s mail from the post office.  You both love doing these things for each other and never it occurred to make an accounting of everything you’ve done for one another.   Even buying each other’s needs isn’t an issue as well.  Maybe most of the shirts he has inside his cabinet are her pick.

You finish each other’s sentences

Perhaps the ultimate sign that the two of you are way too comfortable with each other.  You already know what your partner is up to by just looking at those smiles and naughty grin.  You know each other so much you could read each other’s moves and even anticipate each other’s reaction.

When relationship hits the comfort zone

6 Signs your Relationship Hits the Comfort Zone
6 Signs your Relationship Hits the Comfort Zone

As to most couples, the start of any relationship is quite awkward.  Either the one is too conscious of his appearance or the other one is just too careful with her choice of words. As time passes, the level of comfort improves until such time both become too comfortable with each other.  This doesn’t mean though that the respect and love died. Nor does this mean the relationship turned boring.  It just means they have become comfortable with each other’s presence and can share anything without fear of rejection or being judged.

Has your relationship with your sweetheart reached the comfort zone, too?  Do not forget to still inject some romance to increase your relationship intimacy despite the comfort.

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