6 Reasons Why You Should Love A Psych Major

Today is #HugAPsychMajorDay! Few hours from now, the results of the Board Licensure Examination for Psychologists and Psychometricians (BLEPP) will be out and we can’t help but share tears and joy as we anxiously refresh the screen. In celebration of the psychology industry, we’re giving a tribute to our current and future psychologists and psychometricians. Here’s our top 6 reasons why you should love a psych major.

1. They can read minds.

Nope. They’re not mentalists or psychics but hey, they’re good at reading one’s mind. They can know what you’re going through or what’s possibly running through your head right now by assessing your body language and the way you talk. But please, stop asking them because really, they’re not magicians.


2. They are never boring.

A great misconception about psychology is that it’s very boring. But once you’re good friends with a psych major, prepare for a blast. It’s going to be one crazy ride! They are fun, adventurous and you’ll just never have a dull moment with them.

3. They are independent but loving.

One thing that’s awesome about psych majors is that they are very independent. They know what they want in life and they know who they really are down to the finest detail. But they are not just independent, they are also loving. They will always share what they have and when they love someone, trust me, they love unconditionally.

4. They are understanding.

He’s just busy. She’s just having a rough time. He probably needs more space. Psych majors are the epitome of understanding creatures. After all, that’s their nature: to understand people. If you’re facing a problem, they have probably understood you before you even tell them why. They are indeed very selfless.

5. They are philosophers and great listeners.

Love telling stories? Psych majors can listen to you the entire day without getting bored. They love hearing deep stories about your life, your dreams and nightmares. Tell them your secrets. Good communication flows in their blood and if you want an interesting conversation, go talk to them. You’ll be surprised at how great their ideas and philosophies are.


6. They will never judge you.

No matter how much they are hurt, they will try their best not to judge you. They always find the good in people. Remember those theories by Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud? Psychology majors will always, always try to understand you even it hurts them personally.


Pysch majors are a gift. They’re the best kind of friends so if you’re good friends with one or two, don’t forget to hug them today as we celebrate #HugAPsychMajorDay! To everyone who took the exam, good luck. You are up to something great. We love you with all our body, heart, mind and soul. From our unconscious to conscious thoughts, you guys are the best! Cheers!

Justin Vawter

Climber. Backpacker. Designer. Blogger from MNL. Life is too short to live without adventure.