A 6-month-old’s developmental milestones

Your little darling is now six months old.  If you are wondering what he can already do at that age, PSST.ph gives you a list of what to expect.

A 6-month-old's developmental milestones
A 6-month-old’s developmental milestones

One thing is certain, though.  At six months old, your little one has turned into a real socialite.  He loves interacting with just anyone, and showing off his new found talents is his latest obsession.

Brain developmental milestone

He is always fascinated with things around him.  For instance, he will push the button of the lampshade repeatedly because he sees light as an effect.  The same thing that he will grab those eyeglasses from you because he loves the reaction you give him.

You can already call him by his name and he would surely respond or if not, look at your direction.

It fascinates him to hear the sound he creates thus would do it repeatedly.   He also imitates noises so he would try to sound like the dog or his mom.  He can utter “Ah”, “Ba”, and “Ma.”

At six months, not only does he recognizes his name but also adores himself in the mirror.  He loves his reflection so much we would smile at his reflection and even jump for joy.

Motor developmental milestones

A 6-month-old's developmental milestones
A 6-month-old’s developmental milestones

Your six months old can recognize contrasting colors, hence prefers grabbing those brightly colored objects.  He also has developed the perception of depth thus knows if he is going up or down.  Most probably, he also shows fear when he is slightly elevated.

Once a baby reaches six months, he has stronger back muscles.  Given that, he can now support his head and even his full body weight.  He can sit properly and attempt to stand.

When held vertically, he enjoys bouncing up and down.  Same with rolling from his back to his tummy, he loves that he can move from one direction to another.

He also begins to explore his space and crawls nonstop.  But he can be easily distracted by objects along his way, thus will grab them and possibly put them in his mouth.

At six months, a baby’s digestive system is all set to digest.  He can have his first solid food.  You would know as he will show eagerness to learn to explore new taste, texture even, and color of food.  He also knows how to bite and even chew.

At this age as well, he sleeps six to eight hours a night.  He may wake up to feed once in a while.

Social developmental milestones

At this stage, a baby can recognize familiar faces thus shows enthusiasm when with them and fear when with strangers.  He can also react to happy or sad voices and expressions.   It is possible, too, that he cries when he hears another baby cry.  It is amazing to note, too, that a six-month-old child has a different vocal expression for each emotion.  His cry for milk may be different when he feels uncomfortable and soiled.

A 6-month-old’s developmental milestones

A 6-month-old's developmental milestones
A 6-month-old’s developmental milestones

Detailed here are what an average six months old baby can do.  Talking to your child and engaging him in various plays and activities are the keys for him to develop further.  If you also see a potential progressing, nurture it, too.

Remember, any child can have a healthy growth when sustained with activities and nourished by a healthy diet.  Being extra watchful as well of the baby’s growth may solve any developmental delays.  Kindly note, too, that babies are different and though we can encourage them, they will do things at their own pace and time.

So, how’s your six-month-old developing?  Share with us  in the comment section below.

* Itemized here are based on the writer’s observation with guidance from her pediatrician.  Her fifth son recently celebrated his sixth month birthday.  Before him. she gave birth to and is taking care of four more boys.

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