6 Habits of a Happy Homemaker

Managing a home is not limited to women alone.  It is something even men should learn to appreciate and learn.  PSST.ph helps us understand what it takes to be a homemaker and tackles ways, too, to grow as one.

A happy homemaker has a vision

6 Habits of a Happy Homemaker
6 Habits of a Happy Homemaker

Everything starts with a vision.  An aspiring homemaker visualizes the home she would love to reign and share with her family.  She then works out on that vision – perhaps a vibrant home full of laughter and beautiful memories.  Everything she does, she works within the fulfillment of that goal.  She may display her children’s photos on the walls and makes sure the dining table is abundant with food.  She also includes the everyday fulfillment of her vision in her prayers.

A happy homemaker is openminded

A homemaker believes she can’t do everything but with proper knowledge, training, and time, she can do foreign things after a few practices.  She devotes her time and even invests on some resources in order to learn, improve, and master.  It is because she is happy to learn new tricks every day.

She admits if she lacks knowledge about something.   She remains humble and open-minded.

A happy homemaker has a plan

Homemaking is a lot easier if one follows a plan and a schedule.

A homemaker wakes up early and ahead of her family to prepare what’s needed for the day.  She plans their menu for the day and has a schedule for the household chores and even simple errands.

6 Habits of a Happy Homemaker
6 Habits of a Happy Homemaker

Though there are circumstances beyond control, that doesn’t mean she will ditch what’s on her list.  It is inevitable that a plan may not work out.   A happy homemaker adjusts and even has “emergency plans.”

A happy homemaker organizes

A happy homemaker believes a home is more beautiful with everything in its proper places. She creates a home rather than a house where there is no unnecessary clutter.  Simply put, everything has a place even how small the space is.

She maintains the order in her house by being able to know what needs to be given out and thrown away.  This homemaker also encourages her family to have only what they need to avoid clutter.   She doesn’t collect trash or has no two oven toaster and electric kettles at home.  She believes a house functions with a loving hand managing it and not overstuffed supplies.

A happy homemaker has grace

Guided by her vision, a homemaker isn’t hard to herself.  She accepts there are a few areas she has zero knowledge.  She doesn’t force herself then to learn everything in just one glance or sitting.  Her optimistic self reminds her that there are chances to revive herself should she fail the first time. Her grace is so abundant that she may also go for options where she excels or is comfortable doing.  She doesn’t compare herself with others as she knows everyone has a different homemaking journey. She always thinks and acts with grace.

A happy homemaker has a cheerful and thankful spirit

The house of a happy homemaker reflects the mood of the owner.  Her house is vibrant and spells of happiness and gratitude.  She speaks kindly, acts lovingly, and listens intently.  She discourages procrastination, blaming, and complaining.

In the midst of trials, a happy homemaker remains optimistic.  She counts her blessings to remind herself of the graces she receives.  Should she finds her family in distress, she leads by example and encourages them to be cheerful.

Habits of a Happy Homemaker

6 Habits of a Happy Homemaker
6 Habits of a Happy Homemaker

A happy homemaker’s house stands out from the rest.  Not because of its beauty but of the happy and positive ambiance it radiates.  This house is governed by one grateful and cheerful homemaker who has mastered creating her house beautiful, reflective of her own happy and thankful disposition.

Such house draws family and friends to it and even makes them dream of achieving one as well.  Because as the happy homemaker speaks, acts, and listens with love, gratitude, and warmth, so does her house too.

Berlin Domingo

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