6 Foods that Boosts Your Sex Drive


When it comes to turning up the romance, you may envision candles, champagne, aphrodisiac foods (oyster, anyone?) and perhaps, good music. But, the best way to “Get it on” is starting with what you eat.

You don’t need cupid’s arrow to strike you to feel all hot n’ bothered for your love; all you need is for its sharp blade to cut up some watermelon to go with that salad, the one that’s going to rev up your libido in no time.

Curious? Keep reading for these foods that will most definitely fill your appetite for food (and—wink, wink—a whole lot more).

Red chili hot peppers

You already know that hot peppers get you hot, as in, body sweating, mouth on fire, suddenly needing a glass of water (or twelve). But, they also get you hot in other ways, if you know what we mean (wink, wink).

There’s an ingredient in the pepper called capsaicin, which increases your heart rate and trigger endorphins, thus giving you a natural high. According to nutritionist Maria Segundo, it also causes your cheeks to flush, which may indicate to others that you’re flirting. Not a bad trade-off if flirting and showing your interest is someone is something you struggle with. Just don’t eat too many peppers, as suddenly running to the kitchen sink to drink water straight from the tap, might not be so sexy to them.



Coffee aficionados will surely rejoice when they hear this! Your morning jolt just may lead to a morning romp in the sheets. This is much better than previously debunked myths that stated how coffee would actually spike our blood sugar, thus stressing out our adrenal glands and the hormones related to the sex drive.

Luckily, that isn’t true. If anything, coffee is a stimulant, so instead of allowing it to get your heartbeat revved and your anxiety at a peak, use it to your advantage by providing you with hours of energy in the bedroom.



As though we needed any more reasons to love chocolate! You can now also thank it for boosting your sex drive. According to Men’s Fitness, there was a 2004 study done in Italy that found that woman who ate chocolate, wanted sex more than those who didn’t.

There are many reasons why this is, including how chocolate increases our levels of serotonin and dopamine, the mood boosters in our brains that cause us to feel happy and calm. Chocolate also increases our body’s sensitivity through methylxanthines, thus causing us to react to even the slightest touch.

So, go ahead, nibble on that piece of chocolate, though dark chocolate is best. If you’re a chocoholic, you can even take it a step further by introducing chocolate-flavored sex products into the bedroom, such as chocolate-flavored condoms, body paints, massage oil, etc.



When you think of increasing sex drive, oysters may immediately come to mind—and for good reason. They’re a universally-known aphrodisiac that, according to Prevention.com, screams all things female. “Their very shape, scent, texture, and text suggests all things female,” says Dr. Margarita Holmes, psychologist and sex expert.

So, besides being considered a ‘sexy’ food, how actually do they boost our sex drive? They do this through their high concentrations of zinc, which is necessary for testosterone production. To put it in the grand scheme of things, it is commonly found in healthy sperm.

So, if it’s your man who is suffering from a low libido, whip him up a batch and look at it as a win-win for you, too, as watching him chow down, given its rather female appearance, just may also get you excited for a special sexy treat he’ll give you later.




If your man is at the age where popping Viagra or the locally sold sex-boosting pop pill, Robust is necessary, you may want to try watermelon instead. Transitioning from summer fruit to sexy fruit, it creates a ‘Viagra-like’ effect, which, according to Slice, occurs through the relaxation of blood vessels and an increase of blood flow that allow men to become aroused more easily.

Pesto Sauce


We never need a reason to eat more pasta. So, when we heard that it also would increase libidos’, we were jumping for joy. That’s right, like watermelon, the pine nuts needed to make a delicious pesto, contains arginine, an amino acid that helps to dilate blood vessels. This increases blood flow, similar to the effects of Viagra. So now you know why you should load up on pesto sauced pasta!

They also contain a ton of zinc, which is linked to giving you a healthy glow. You can go the pesto route or sprinkle the nuts on salad or toast them for an everyday snack.

Vance Madrid

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