6 Awesome Tips to Building a Strong Relationship with your Children

Every parent’s dream is to have a strong relationship with his/her children. Parenting can be quite an overwhelming job sometimes, building a good relationship with your children is not easier either; it requires work, patience, and a lot effort.

If you maintain a close relationship with them as a parent, then this will make you feel connected with them throughout the stages of their lives. Most parents strive to give their children a good life. Some even go to the extent of taking loans to get their children through school. If you’re in any kind of a financial fix and need money urgently, then Asteria Lending has got you covered.


  • Be Involved


As a parent, the best gift you can give your children is your presence. Be there for them. Let them feel your presence. You can achieve this by dedicating one-on-one time for each child or putting so much emphasis on family time and creating bedtime rituals where you read a story and sing for them. Juggling work and being present can be tough but you need to balance these two well.


  • Tell your children that you love them.


You need to tell your children that you love them daily. This is very important to them and the feeling is just priceless. Even after you’ve argued, disagreed or you’ve reprimanded them, you still need to remind them that you love them unconditionally and you just did that to make them become better.


  • Make them a priority in your life.


You need to show your children that they are a priority in your life. They need to feel that you are paying attention to them. While talking to them, you need to switch off the TV or anything that may disrupt your attention.

Children grow fast and before you know it, they’ll be out of the house so you should make each day a special and a memorable one.


  • Play with your children


This is now the most enjoyable part of parenthood and this can play a huge role in building a strong relationship with your children. You need to play with your kids frequently and you can play dolls, toys with the younger ones while for the older ones you can play video games or watch a movie together.

This might sound a bit awkward for serious parents, especially the no-nonsense type, but come on, these are your children for crying out loud. You need to do anything in your power to make them feel happy.


  • Include the children in your decisions.


When you include your children in your decisions, they’ll feel valued and this will, therefore, strengthen your relationship. You need to have their opinions in regards to where they want to go for a vacation, the meal to be taken, the movie to watch over the weekend or the kind of clothes they would like to wear for a certain occasion.


  • Be trustworthy


Let your children know that they can rely on you and let them know that they can sit and have a chat with you without you judging them in case of a teenager. If you make a promise to do something, do it. Always keep your word. This will build a strong foundation of trust between you and your children.


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