6 in 1 Universal Box by Mega Cellular

With the advent of so many techonologies and machines that are supposed to make life easier for all of us, it can become overwhelming when there are just too many gadgets that we need to use in our daily lives. Imagine if you have a TV, a karaoke machine, a TIVO / PVR Feature, bluetooth speaker, Am/FM radio, and a USB Multimedia. Whew. That was tiring just writing, much more if we have to maintain all of it. Thankfully, we have the 6 in 1 Universal Box by Mega Cellular which actually puts all of this together.


We were able to test out this Universal Box and we have to say that the size may be small but the functions are not. This box serves as a TV, a TIVO, karaoke machine, USB multimedia (yes, you can plug in your USB or hard drive and then connect it to a huge TV and watch away!) as well as listen to AM or FM music, and even blast music from Spotify on your phone to this speaker via bluetooth.

So lets do a quick review on the many functions of this little Universal Box.


We liked that it looked like an old radio box from the 70s. It feels nostalgic as well as resilient. In this day and age where everything is easily breakable, something that looks sturdy is definitely a plus. It comes in black, dark brown, and a lighter wooden color.


We like that it’s actually pretty decent for something that cost less than Php3000. The sound is loud enough to fill a normal sized room but if you raise it too high, it suffers a little bit but for something that costs only Php2990, come on, you are getting more than the worth of what you are paying for.


It wasn’t hard setting up this universal box. Thankfully we had some techie savvy friends to guide us but if you have no one, fret not because the manual is pretty easy to understand. This what you get when you open the box.


The signal from the antenna is strong especially when placed near a window. The images are clear and is even better than a regular antenna. The AM/FM radio gave us no problems and the bluetooth speaker easily connected to the phone. We have yet to try the TIVO part of it but since we don’t really TIVO in the Philippines, we do not see this as a potential issue. For the karaoke part and we know that this is something that would matter to the Pinoy, we were able to try it out and all you need to do is plug in the USB with the files and play it out on the screen and sing your heart out. You can almost say that this is a plug and play thing.

Overall, we can say that the 6 in 1 Universal Box by Mega Cellular is worth the price. It is compact, easy to use, and serves a lot of function thus saving space and saves time for anyone who would like to use it. In this day and age where everyone is always in a rush and have no time to waste, this gadget is perfect.

Here’s the unboxing that we did for those who would like to see it.


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