5 ways to shoot an awesome selfie (without the selfie stick)

5 ways to shoot an awesome selfie

The selfie stick. Nobody would have thought that an object so simple could have such an immense impact on modern pop culture. In a world where and at a time when taking your own picture has become elevated to a full-blown craft, rarely do you see a smartphone-toting selfie lover without it. The selfie stick might very well be among the symbols of the last decade.

Yet despite its apparent importance, it is not completely indispensable. Contrary to popular and insistent belief, it is possible to capture a selfie without the stick and still get hearts for it. How, you ask? Read on and find out.

Look up

The stick’s main perk is that it lets you take pictures from a distance, which is great if you don’t want to look bloated in your next Instagram pic. But as mentioned in a prior post, sometimes, all it takes to lose a few extra pounds is to take your photo from above. Hold your phone up high and smile.

Use a flash

You can’t call it a winning selfie if it doesn’t show your face properly. Illuminate your face by taking advantage of the front-facing LED flash. Or better yet, use the screen flash function, which you will find in hi-tech models like the Oppo F5.

Time your shot

Not a lot of people know this, but making the camera self-timer your friend is a great way to up your selfie game. Instead of getting caught mid-grimace while you struggle to press the shoot button, you can just wait with a ready pose for the self-timer to take your picture.

Get the right app

There’s virtually an app for everything now, even for taking great selfies—again, without the stick. Some apps allow you to take a picture using special actions, such as clapping, saying a password, or whistling. Just like the self-timer, these apps are a great way to avoid being caught unprepared.

Upgrade your phone

No, don’t change your phone. Rather, get it some hardware upgrades that will give it better selfie-taking abilities. For example, you can use phone covers that stick to flat surfaces so you can stick your phone to glass windows or walls. You can even get add-on lenses that will effectively transform your phone into something like a DSLR camera.

But the best tip so far: invest in a high-quality phone. In most smartphones, the rear camera is better than the front. This, of course, is unfortunate as it means you’ll have to dedicate more effort just to get a decent selfie even with a stick. The Oppo F5 boasts a front camera that’s specially designed to take crisp selfies you can be proud of. Its advanced software means the photos stay clear even when taken manually without the aid of a stick. Come on, it’s not called the Selfie Expert for nothing.

Yes, it’s possible to take a like-worthy selfie even without using a stick. All you need is the right phone, the best angle, and probably an upgrade or two here and there.

This post was created in partnership with OPPO Philippines.

RJ Yodico

RJ Yodico is the content producer for PSST! PH's digital sales and marketing team.