5 Video games for couples this Valentines Day

The love month is here and couples are doing their best to keep (or spark) the romance alive. Some gamer couples much prefer to play games that they can play together. If you’re one of the couples out there looking for a games that strengthen (or break) their relationship, here are the top five games that are perfect for couples.
Guitar Hero/ Rock Band
Ever wish to play an instrument but can’t play anything at all? Then don’t fret musically challenged players, as Guitar Hero is the game for you! Guitar Hero is a great game for couples because it’s fun and anyone can play it; even their game shy hubby can play the game because of the familiar rock songs available in the game itself. Hate competing against each other? No problem! Rock band can let any couple play the instrument of their choosing (from mic to drums). This is a perfect game for couples who want to make sweet music together.
mario kart 8
Mario Kart 8 (Nintendo Switch)
The simple go-kart racing game is perfect for couples who want a simple game to play together. But don’t let the easy controls fool you; each course is designed to make a simple race turn into a frustrating race to the finish line (like the infamous rainbow road).
tekken 7
Tekken 7 (PS4, Xbox ONE)
Since the arcade era started, Tekken reigned supreme with their must-play 3D fighter games. Why Tekken, you ask? There are other games that are perfect for couples that do not involve fighting. The reason this game is in the list is because ever since this writer was still in high school, he saw a lot of pairs play rounds together in a game of Tekken. They don’t care if they suck at the game, they are just having fun. The principle of dating also works in this day of age (though sadly it’s not in the arcades anymore). The fighting mechanics in the game are easy to pick up as the controls are easy to understand.
just dance
Just Dance (PS4, Xbox ONE, Nintendo Switch)
Just Dance, a date favorite, has been dominating the couples dating scene since 2009. The simple pick up and play nature of the game is enough give them a good time. With multiple song choices and a yearly release date, the game simply can’t get out of style.
dota 2
Also known as Defense Of The Ancients, Dota sparks the birth of the MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) genre of gaming. Couples or friends can play together for a casual match that can span for hours.


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