5 secrets to taking the best selfies

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Taking a winning #selfie can be a lot of work. Not only do you need to find the perfect angle, you also have to worry about lighting and how your color registers on the photo. Knowing the right tricks can help you showcase your gorgeous #LOTD and #wokeuplikethis looks without much effort.

Here are some tips you need to remember for taking the perfect, Instagram-worthy selfies:

Keep it natural

Nothing beats natural lighting, especially if you want to show off your skin’s radiance. If you must take a selfie at night, be sure to do so in areas with adequate lighting. Be wary of fluorescent lighting though. They emit too much glare, which can result in a picture that’s either too flat or too chiseled.

Work your angles

It pays to know which angles best complement your features. As a rule, it’s never a good idea to face the camera straight on. Instead, try to hold your camera a little bit above your face. The downward angle flatters your features and may even make you look thinner.

Don’t be shy

Do not be afraid to unleash your inner model. Strike a pose, raise your chin, and pout your lips, if you will. And as Tyra Banks tirelessly advocates, always elongate your neck.

Pick a flattering filter

Instagram offers a slew of filter options, allowing you to select one that matches the mood or effect you want. But don’t be tempted to try them all out, lest your feed ends up looking cluttered. Pick one or two filters that jive with your tune, so to speak, and stick with them.

Invest in your camera

No, you don’t need a pricey, professional-grade camera. OPPO’s newest release, the F5, lives up to its status as THE selfie expert. Its 20MP front camera pairs with its advanced AI technology, creating clean, crisp photos, no matter the lighting condition. And with the phone’s borderless form, you get to take wider, upload-ready selfies.

With the OPPO F5, you can definitely rock those #nofilter selfies sans the hassle.

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This post was created in partnership with OPPO Philippines.

RJ Yodico

RJ Yodico is the content producer for PSST! PH's digital sales and marketing team.