5 Secrets to a Happy and Long-Lasting Relationship


Love stories are great because they remind us of our desire to experience love that is deep, fulfilling and life-changing.  Relationships take hard work. If you are lucky enough to have found an amazing person that you want to be with for a long time, we congratulate you. But you should probably check out this article to make sure that your relationship stays as happy and healthy as it is today.

People often look at someone else’s relationship and wonder why theirs isn’t as perfect. On top of that, Hollywood love stories have us convinced that there is a perfect man out there, with whom we can have the perfect relationship. That myth destroys great relationships.

“Any relationship is far from perfect, but that’s not to say it’s not a happy one. If you have found the person who makes you happy, even with all of your combined imperfections, you definitely have a shot at having that long lasting, happy relationship.”

The most powerful and fulfilling relationships are built on Connection, Respect, Responsibility, Growth, Love, and Commitment. Here are the 5 things to consider to built good and happy relationship:


Connection happens when you are willing to be vulnerable; when you let your guard down, so you can be fully seen for who you are. Careerwise, it is being authentic in your creative endeavors, honest about where you are and by having the courage to be fully ‘seen’ for work that reveals who you are.

A good communication is probably one of the most important qualities a relationship can have. A couple who can talk things out in whatever way works for them will last a long time. There are too many times that assumptions, misunderstandings and hurt feelings occur as a result of someone not being able to express how they feel.

This can be easily avoided if a couple can learn how to talk AND *listen* to one another. Don’t be afraid of expressing how you feeling to your partner. That fear can make a small thing turn into a big, festering one over time. Even if you’re worried it will upset him, it will benefit both of you in the long run to talk it out.


Partnerships break down when a person feels unheard, not respected and not valued. This is no different in a job or career. If you don’t feel valued, respected or appreciated for the work you do, eventually you’ll break down.


It’s easy to blame our partners when things go wrong or when we don’t get what we want. However, unless we take responsibility for our part, we remain powerless. When a business venture fails or if we’re unhappy in our jobs, it requires us to look deeper into where we are responsible for the current situation so that we can change it.


Change is always uncomfortable, the same thing can be felt with the presence of growth. Growth is a beautiful and unavoidable part of life. Both relationships and careers need expansion and change in order to flourish.

Love and Commitment

Without love, there is no trues inspiration for commitment. When there’s love and commitment, there’s a drive to see things through, no matter what happens in our relationships and careers. And when we focus on what we love, the world cannot help but bring us more of the same.

Lastly, there is one common mistakes that couples usually make. They do not ask for what they need.

They assume that after a while their partner should know them well enough to be able to know everything they want, feel and need without being told.

No matter how well he knows you, your boyfriend/husband or partner isn’t going to be able to know the right thing to do all the time. Instead of getting angry or disappointed when he doesn’t do the right thing, try asking him for what you need. You will be shocked at how easy it is and how much better it will feel to let go of the expectation that someone should know your every thought, just because they love you.

We’ll say it again: Relationships take work. If you really love the person that you’re with, you should put as much work and effort into the relationship as you put into other passions in your life.

If you’re up to the challenge, follow these tips to help keep your relationship happy and healthy. And try sharing them with your man… after all, happy, long lasting relationships come from both parties making an effort to make them great.

Vance Madrid

Freelance writer, lifestyle blogger, social media manager, events coordinator, scriptwriter, film buff, wanderlust and certified foodie. Zealous for a keyboard and new experiences, I wish to live and learn through my writing.