5 Scary Moments In Non-Horror Games

Great horror classics like Resident Evil and Outlast are known to have many scary moments. However, did you know that there are other non-horror game moments that can send chills down your spine? Sometimes, these games have hidden horror undertones to begin with, and these moments can be unintentional.

Scary moments in non-horror games are surprisingly scarier than their horror counterparts. They appear unexpected than the original tone of the game. As a result, they linger in the players’ memories, an unexpected twist.

For those curious, here are some examples of five scary moments in non-scary games.


True Lab (Undertale)

Undertale is a great indie classic where players can choose to kill or spare monsters in combat. A game like that is known from its memorable characters and beautiful lessons about forgiveness. What’s surprising about this (spoiler alert!) is that when the player goes to Alvis’ True Lab, the place looks like the aftermath of an experiment gone wrong! What’s worse is the creatures look like it’s straight out of “The Thing”.


The Haunted Piano (Mario 64)


Mario 64 has a lot of memorable moments- the race against the Koopa Troop, helping the penguin in Ice Zone, but the most memorable and terrifying moment is the Mad Piano in Big Boo’s hunt. Imagine and empty room and inside is a piano, it may appear normal at first but when Mario approaches said piano, it springs to life revealing its sharp teeth. The instrument then chases Mario while constantly playing an awful tune. There is no way of damaging the piano and to make things worse, it chases you! Talk about hitting the sharp notes.


Max’s Drug Trip (Max Payne)


Max Payne is about a cop who wants to avenge the death of his family. The story may be a huge cliché, but the first game successfully made players feel Max’s pain. Later in the game, Max is forcefully injected with drugs. His trip was so bad that players were forced to navigate a nightmare version of his home, complete with creepy echoes from his wife, a constantly hazy camera vision, and a room where players follow Max’s baby’s blood like some sick maze.


The Morgue (Batman: Arkham Asylum)


Batman has always been dark, but the scariest part of Arkham Asylum is when Batman enters the morgue. The scares appear tame at first, but it slowly gets creepier by the second as Bruce leaves the room and returns to see his dead parents taunting him. This escalates even further when a giant version of a scarecrow appears and forces players to defeat him in a stealth sequence.


The Flood (Halo: Combat Evolved)


Master Chief fought a lot of alien races in his missions, but none can compare to the flood – parasites that devour and mutate humans and aliens alike. They turn their host into zombie-like creatures and are responsible for destroying countless galaxies. The scariest thing about these monsters, are like their namesake, are endless and can only be killed by either a rocket or a well-aimed shotgun blast.

So are you scared yet? Try out these games for change and get a nice, creepy goosebumps this Halloween.

Juan Paulo Pereña

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