5 Reasons Why You Need to Travel solo?


Thinking about heading off on a solo adventure? Psst.ph have put together 5 reasons why you HAVE to plan a solo trip this year. So before you head off that door and grab your luggage bags, take time to read this short article.

You can enjoy freedom

You no longer need to run your itinerary by someone, or worry that your interest in historical museums is becoming an annoyance to your co-travelers. It’s your trip, your alone and you can do whatever you want (within reason) If you suddenly feel the urge to move on from that place that you feel is too busy, too hot or just not to your taste, you can travel on without question.

You’re more approachable

There is a lot to be said for travelling alone. It’s a known fact that travelling as an individual makes you much more approachable than travelling in a pack. This also means when you arrive to the hotel alone it will be much easier to make friends and meet people.

A sense of independence

When you are sprung into a new country, a new language and a new way of life independently, you have to rely on yourself to get around efficiently and safely. When in a group it may always be lumped on the more organised person to do the map reading, but alone it’s all down to you, which means you are working on your ability to survive and be head-strong because you have to.

It builds up your confidence

Being alone in a foreign country means you will be open to all different kinds of things happening at one time, you will need to ask that local for directions, or haggle your way out of an extremely overpriced taxi fare. Overtime you will become so confident travelling on your own that it will be second nature and you won’t even worry about it.

Meet new friends you can have for life

If you’re travelling with your friends from home, it’s often more difficult to meet new people as you tend to stick together. When travelling alone you need that interaction so you have no choice but to introduce yourself to new people from all walks of life, and a lot of the time these individuals can become friends for life and remain just a phone call away when you return home.

Vance Madrid

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