5 most popular smartphones for the First Quarter of 2018

Smartphones are getting better and better every year as companies keep churning out new models or newer versions of current ones. This article shall look at five smartphones recently released between January and March 2018. Furthermore, it will touch on its strengths and weaknesses of these smartphones.

Asus Zenfone5 Source: Digital Trends

Asus ZenFone5 (estimated price P5,400)


  • HD Screen – superior quality to date; responsive touch-screen, easy to manipulate
  • Glove Mode – makes it easy to use the phone when wearing gloves which may impair handling
  • Good camera quality – low-light mode, time-rewind mode
  • Reading Mode – background dims when reading e-books


  • Battery backup inadequate
  • “Heavy” games take time to load/open
  • Tendency to overheat within 30 minutes
  • No backlight for the three keys at the bottom
samsung j7
Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro Source: Samsung

Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro Smartphone (approximate price P12,830)


  • Fast-detecting Fingerprint Sensor
  • Very fast processor
  • No heating issues
  • Full design made of glass and metal


  • Non-removable battery (when you need to replace it)
  • No face recognition
  • No fast-charging support
  • No waterproof (don’t take it swimming/diving)
samsung j7
Oppo F5 Source: My Smart Price

Oppo F5 (approximate price P14,500)


  • Faster unlocking speed
  • AI Camera (a “smart” camera), powerful LED flash
  • Geo-tagging
  • Face-detection


  • Non-removable battery
  • No fast-charging support
  • No screen protection (no Gorilla Glass)
  • No FM Radio and Java
vivo y53
Vivo Y53 Source: Dreamz Collection

Vivo Y53 (approximate price P5,300)


  • Supports all connectives (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, 3G, 4G)
  • Battery life is 6-7 hours
  • Good running speed (no lags)
  • Protected by Gorilla Glass 3


  • Non-removable battery
  • No Fingerprint Sensor
  • No LED flash for front camera
  • No HD/Full HD display
huawei 2i
Huawei 2i smartphone Source: Yuga Tech

Huawei Nova 2i (approximate price P12,990)


  • Eye comfort mode (blue eye filter)
  • Very responsive touch screen
  • Longer battery life (approximately 9 hours), plus power-saving modes
  • Four cameras (2 main, 2 secondary) for DSLR effect, it has “DSLR-like” manual controls


  • Speaker (audio) quality is average, tendency to be distorted if volume is maxed out
  • Brightness not good under direct sunlight
  • No fast-charging support
  • Camera’s auto-mode not reliable for night shooting/low-light conditions


All above-mentioned smartphones have similar qualities – good processors and cameras and very responsive touch-screens. The common weaknesses are non-removable batteries which can be a problem if the battery needs replacing. This would mean taking it to a service center or buying a new unit.

Still, many will swear the advantages outweigh the disadvantages and any of these smartphones are worth the price.

Featured Image Source: YugaTech

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