5 Pokémon Go PH Surprises This Week!

No rain can stop the Pokémon trainers here in the Philippines from becoming the very best even if it means getting drenched from the moonsoon rain because the biggest Lure parties is happening this weekend, rain or shine!

In case you just started playing Pokémon Go, click here to know how you can get the best out of your Poké journey. 

Earlier this week, our social media feed has been bombarded by different Lure Drop party invitations here and there. Almost all supermalls nationwide has their own gimmick to attract customers and produce foot traffic. But given all of these, are you still torn on what party to visit? Our list below might just help you out!

#GottaCatchEmAllAtSM: Lure Party Extension, Biggest Pokéball Yet and Viber Stickers


The biggest chain of supermalls in the Philippines has it all for us when it comes to providing their patrons with the best dibs from the latest trends. This time, they extended their Pokémon Go Lure Party  from August 12 to August 14 because it became a big hit on its first run. To know the schedule of SM Supermall’s Lure Party nationwide, you may click here.


Also, one of the biggest surprises this week is the transformation of the SM Mall of Asia Globe into the biggest basic Pokéball we’ve ever laid our eyes on. The 26,300 pieces of point lights on the LED Globe, similar to Universal Studios, was lit that both Pokémon and non-Pokémon fans evoke the same feeling of amazement.


Aside from the Lure Party extension, isn’t it nice to use SM Supermalls Sticker Pack on Viber when you feel like inviting your friends to catch Pokémons like Voltrob and Magnemite that are lurking around SM Mall of Asia?

Globe Holds Pokémon Go Lure Drop Party at Ayala Malls

Aside from the FREE 7 days of Pokemon Go for Globe and TM subscribers thru the Globe Switch app, They also tied up with selected Ayala malls such as Greenbelt, Glorietta, UP Town, Market! Market!, and TriNoma from August 12 – 14.

Subscribers from the networks are in for a treat because they have a hangout setup where players can accept the challenge of catching 10 Pokémons within 10 minutes to win 100 Poké coins that they can use to purchase in-game. Apart from that, 5,200 Poké coins await 10 lucky trainers when they participate in Globe’s interactive booths during these days.

Eastwood Organizes Lure and Costume Party for Pokémon Fans

We wondered if there were Poké fans who took out their Ash Ketchum or Nurse Joy costume yesterday because Eastwood hosted a costume party along with the unlimited lure drops around the area from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm!

Eastwood_Pokemon Go Lure Party

Apart from expanding the trainer’s Pokédex with lures all around the vicinity, players were also treated with Pokémon Quiz night and non-stop party music. Sounds fun!

Cubao Expo Promises NO Boring Lure Parties

Team Instinct unite because Cubao Expo’s got your back! They are also under Team Instinct and they are offering 10% off food and drinks at participating Nerd Row Shops (Appraisery, Gorgons, and 4 Strings). All you have to do is show a proof that you belong to the team by flashing your Pokémon app profile!

Cubao Expo_Pokemon Go Lure Party

You can also enjoy catching Pokémon with people playing boardgames on the side, some chugging beers, playing the latest videogames, and jamming to live music. Now this is a party we don’t want to miss!

Pica Pica at Tous Les Jours While You Play Pokémon

Tous Les Jours_Pokemon Go Lure Party

Nope, we are not sure if there will be a Pikachu nearby Tous Les Jour bakeries in malls. Here’s what we’re sure of though: They are giving away finger snacks to spotted Pokémon trainers on nearby Pokéstops from their bakeries!

Make sure to look for your favorite Pokémons nearby TLJ branches until tomorrow between 10 am – 12 nn and 2 pm – 4 pm. Note: Beverage not included.

Have we missed any local Pokémon happenings near you? Let us know by dropping your comments below!

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