5 Philippine Major Day Hikes for Hardcore Climbers

Are you looking for intense mountain climbing activities to up your hiking game? Then, how about conquering local major summits in just a day? Challenge yourself and take your hiking adventure a notch higher with these Philippine major day hikes!

Mt. Mariveles (Tarak Ridge)

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Mt. Mariveles is a popular major hiking destination in Mariveles, Bataan. While Pantingan Peak is its ultimate summit, many hikers frequent Tarak Ridge which is a subsidiary peak that features a 270-degree view of Bataan, Corregidor Island, and Manila Bay. Although the hike normally takes 2 days, some seasoned hikers successfully wrap up their climb in just a day! How awesome is that?

Mt. Pulag (Akiki-Ambangeg)

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Located in Benguet, Mt. Pulag is considered as the highest peak in Luzon. It earned the title of being the “playground of the gods” because of its impressive elevation and stunning sea of clouds. Since it is a recognized major hiking attraction, a typical itinerary for this hike would be 2-3 days depending on the trail. However, some prefer to climb it in just a day via the ‘killer trail,’ Akiki, to the easiest out of four trails, Ambangeg. Impressive, I know!

Mt. Tapulao

Lakbay Buhay
Lakbay Buhay

If you wish to see various views of the West Philippine Sea, consider heading on to Palauig, Zambales for a day hike in Mt. Tapulao! Usually done in two to three days, quite a number of people have been recently hiking this mountain in just a day. Be careful, though, as it can get really hot in there during the day.

Mt. Natib

Blogspot / Dencio Travel
Blogspot / Dencio Travel

Another gorgeous mountain in Bataan, Mt. Natib is a less popular hiking spot situated in the area of Orani. Labeled as a major hike, one can opt to finish the climb in a day either via back trail or a traverse to Pasukalan Falls. Seems like a cool adventure, right?

Mt. Makiling Traverse

Pinoy Mountaineer
Pinoy Mountaineer

Also known as MakTrav, Mt. Makiling Traverse is a major hiking attraction in Laguna. Considered as a challenging day hike near Manila, the trail is a lot more difficult during the rainy season because of the muddy ground filled with blood leeches or the so-called ‘limatiks.’ Yikes!

Now that we have listed down some of the awesome major day hikes for the adrenaline junkies and hardcore wannabes, go pack your things and take on this challenging adventure! However, always keep in mind to be extra careful, and most importantly, just have fun!

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