5 Myths about generic medicines

Omigod! You drank generic medicine? You might have made your condition worse!

This is something that we often hear when people mention generic medicine but nowadays, this is no longer true. We here at PSST would like to help you find out why generic medicines should be considered next time you buy your medicine.


Myth: Generic medicines are inferior versions of branded drugs.

This may be the most common myth surrounding generic medicines and it is absolutely false. Generic medicines are similar to branded medication in that they have the same dosage, intended use, effects, route of administration, risks, safety, and strength as the original drug.

It is important though that the generics medicine you are buying are bioequivalent to the innovators.

Myth: Generic medicines are unsafe.

Because most generic medicine are packaged differently than their branded counterparts due to its affordability, some associate this simpler packaging to reduced effectivity. But, don’t be fooled by the packaging, because generic medicines are safe and effective. Like branded medicine, it passes through the most stringent process. As long as they are approved by the local Food and Drug Administration (FDA), they are safe.

Myth: Generic medicines are cheap because they are scraps of branded drugs.

This is an opinion that is wrong on every level. Good quality medications are produced in safe and sterile manufacturing facilities, they are more affordable because the research and development costs have already been invested by the innovator companies. When the patent for medicines expire, manufacturers can apply to the FDA for permission to make and sell generic versions of the drug without the start-up costs for development of the drug.

Myth: Branded medicines will cure you, but generic medicines won’t. 

Some people are misled to thinking that branded drugs are effective and generic drugs aren’t. Some world-class generic medicine brands like RHEA Generics, are worth buying not only because they are easy on the pocket but are also world-class quality. They are working with pharmaceutical companies that are recognized all over the world which serves as an assurance that these generic medicines are as effective as their branded counterparts.

 Myth: All generic medicines are the same.

Consumers should be mindful to trust only those generic medicines created or distributed by reputable companies. A trustworthy generic medicine brand is RHEA Generics. They are known for upholding the highest standards in the pharmaceutical industry resulting to high quality medicines with affordable price points.

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