5 Horror Movies for Scaredy-Cats

What better way to celebrate Halloween then to enjoy a scary movie or two? Unfortunately, some people enjoy the creepy atmosphere but not the horror. Never fear as PSST.ph has a list of five horror movies perfect for scaredy cats of all ages.


  1. Caroline

Based on Neil Geiman’s famous novel of the same name, Caroline is a story of a girl who  just moved into her new neighborhood with her tired father and workaholic mother. She finds a small portal in her room that leads to a more colorful version of her reality. Inside of the portal are alternate versions of her family, except that everyone has buttons for eyes. The movie is hailed as one of the best stop motion movies of its time. The tone is somber yet creepy, complete with a few mild terrors and deep mysteries. We recommend the movie because it’s a family film, so everyone can watch!


  1. The Addams Family

This classic 90’s comedy is about a family of horrors trying to fit in with human society. The franchise has two films. The first one is about the return of Fester and the sequel revolves around Morticia’s baby. Set aside the horror aesthetic, the film’s main theme is about family and all the terror that comes with it. Pretty fitting right? And the film screams Halloween so go for it!


  1. Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Did you know that Buffy The Vampire Slayer first started as a movie? Yup, the cult series was based on a terrible movie; so terrible in fact that the director, Joss Whedon hated it and renew Buffy into the series we know today. If Horror movie buffs don’t mind a bit of cheese, overacting and weak villains then this film is for them.


  1. Pirates of the Caribbean

The reason Pirates is in this list is because the series started off as a creepy tale about cursed pirates (before selling out). The tale was dark and spooky, coupled by high adventure and mystery. A great film for its time that is definitely worth watching.


  1. Ghostbusters

It can’t be Halloween without Ghostbusters! The film franchise was and still is an instant classic, spawning two great movies, a Saturday morning cartoon and many comic books. The mixture of sci-fi, horror and comedy works well for the film that it completely gained cult status. (That ruined the streak thanks to Fem-Busters.)

So which film is on your must-watch list? Don’t forget the popcorn!

Juan Paulo Pereña

Writer and game reviewer. Likes movies, a bit of comedy and a good show to binge on. A fan of video games and video game culture in general.