5 facts about Kim Ji Soo

Everyone is already going crazy about the fact that Korean actor Kim Ji Soo will be in Manila for a fan meet. Yes, you read that right. Korean actor Kim Ji Soo of Scarlet Heart: Ryeo will be holding his first even fan meeting here in Manila. We can already here the Kdrama addicts screaming “ottoke ottoke!”


To help those who may not be familiar or to add more data on one of the hottest Korean actors right now, here are some fun facts about Kim Ji Soo.

  1. Kim Ji Soo is really tall and when we say tall, we mean 6’1. For an Asian man, that is tall.
  2. Kim Ji Soo is a dog person. He has two dogs named Gong Joo and Gap Soon. Gong Joo means a princess and Gap Son is an old but cute girl’s name in Korea just like the name of the lead character in My Name is Kim Sam Soon. 26907089_183374789078814_4037127708858377783_n
  3. Kim Ji Soo’s ideal girl is someone who is innocent yet sexy at the same time. He also wants someone who is older than him so those who are younger, sorry ladies.
  4. Kim Ji Soo went to an all boy’s school during his middle school years as well as his high school years. This has helped him immensely in getting close to his male co-stars but is also why he’s not easily close to his female co-stars.
  5. Kim Ji Soo was a semifinalist in JYP’s open audition. He placed 2nd and this is a feat because JYP’s open auditions are known to be one of the hardest and most competitive auditions in town.

Kim Ji Soo, more popularly known by the mononym – “Jisoo,” is a 24 year-old charmer who debuted in 2009. His career assumed a rhythmic pace which allowed him to explore different roles. In his teenage years, he fought like a rebellious teen to stay authentic, but maintained a soft heart. He later grew to become a free-spirited, protective, and devoted prince. His star continues to shine with his latest drama “Bad Boys” taking on a darker role with many action scenes, yet another facet to his acting career.

JiSoo had taken numerous supporting roles, thus, leaving an indelible mark in every single character. To name a few, he participated in the drama series “Angry Mom,” “Beautiful You,” “Fantastic,” and “Scarlet Heart Ryeo,” and “Strong Woman Do Bong Soo,” wherein he played the other man vying for the affection of the lead girl. To date, he starred in “Bad Guys” which was well received in Korea and was supported by Filipino fans.

Tagged in the Philippines as “Pambansang Second Lead,” JiSoo made fans fall sick as he stole their hearts with SLD, or “Second-lead Syndrome.” Nonetheless, JiSoo will always be the leading man in his Pinoy fans’ hearts.

Kim Ji Soo will be holding his first ever fan meeting on the 10th of February, just right in time to make all Kdrama fans heart swoon. This will be held at the Skydome at 7pm.

What better way to celebrate Valentine, than a date with Ji Soo. One of South Korea’s hottest stars and the leading man in our hearts. Ji Soo, My One and Only, first ever fan meeting in Manila on February 10, 2018, 7PM at the SM Skydome.


After his string of drama hits, appearing in various series like Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Scarlet Heart, Doctor Crush, among others; Ji Soo takes the time out to meet his fans in Manila up close and personal. PSST will be there to personally cover the presscon so if you have questions, drop a comment below.

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