5 Best Horror Games of 2017

Halloween is almost here and what better way to celebrate the day of ghouls and ghosts then to play some horror games! However, with so many horror games to choose from, there are few that stand out from the rest. Here are the five most horrifying horror games for you to try in 2017.

5. Perception (PC, PS4, XBOX ONE)

    Developed by The Deep End Games

    Released date: May 30, 2017

Image from: www.thedeependgames.com/
Image from: www.thedeependgames.com/

Perception tells the tale of Cassie, a blind orphan who is in search of clues about her past. She stumbles upon a mysterious mansion that might be the only connection about to her past and the horrible nightmares she had experienced in recent years. Perception’s horror is very unique; unlike other horror games that rely on sight, the game forces players to rely on echolocation to navigate and escape the horrors of the mansion. Don’t always use it though as the Presence might catch the player and kill them.


  1. Agony

         Developed by Madmind Studio

         Release date: 2017

Image from: agonygame.com
Image from: agonygame.com

While still in early access, Agony is a survival horror game where players begin their journey as tormented spirits trapped in hell. The goal of the game is to unlock their memories of their past lives.


  1. Friday the 13th

Developed by Gun Media

Release date: May 26, 2017

Image from: f13game.com

Friday the 13th is a multiplayer game based on the popular horror movie franchise. Players can control seven counselors and work together to survive; or play as Jason and hunt them one by one. The fun thing about this game is it is basically tag but more tense and hair raising.


  1. Little Nightmares

        Developed by Tarsier Studios

        Release date: April 28, 2017

Image from: little-nightmares.com

What happens if Neil Gaiman’s Caroline and Stephen King’s Carrie have a creepy baby? You get Little Nightmares. The game’s puzzle platforming works well with its dark and twisted atmosphere. The characters look creepy and the character Six gives an air of mystery. The story has a lot of twists too (especially the ending)! Play to find out.


  1. Resident Evil 7

    Developed by Capcom

    Release date January 24, 2017

Image from: residentevil7.com
Image from: residentevil7.com

After the huge disappointment that is Resident Evil 6, Capcom decided to step back on the action and go back to its survival horror roots. After a few years in development they created Resident Evil 7. A first person survival horror game that strays from the old formula and actually focus on the horror aspect of the franchise. This step back in the direction actually saved the series as it bounce back from RE6’s failure. The game has it all, creepy characters, gripping plot, some tough puzzles, plenty of easter eggs and some amazing scary moments.

Do you know any other scary games do you think deserves to be on the list? Write it on the comments below.

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