Nomad Since Birth: 4-Year-Old Pinoy Conquers “Roof of Indochina”

Mountain climbing recently rose to fame, making it one of the most popular outdoor activities enjoyed by groups of friends, lovers, and even families today. While it is undoubtedly not a very safe activity to introduce to kids, a number of parents are starting to engage their children in hiking because of its numerous physical and mental benefits. One of the most notable Pinoy toddlers bred in the mountains is the 4-year-old Wyatt Maktrav Bedural.

Wyatt at Mt. Amuyao, the highest point of Mountain Province.

Born to Ed and Sha Bedural, both mountain climbing enthusiasts, Wyatt Maktrav was named after a prominent hiking destination in the Philippines: Mt. Makiling Traverse (MakTrav). He had his first hiking experience in Mt. Pico de Loro at the young age of 8 months old, and according to his parents, Wyatt has always been extremely active who often runs around. During his first outdoor experience, he was greatly amazed with the surroundings. He would, in fact, get annoyed whenever they would stop on the trails as he wants to keep moving. When hiking, his parents just usually follow his pacing.


Having been to the toughest and highest mountains in the country, Wyatt considers Mt. Talomo – Mt. Apo Traverse, known as the Mindanao Mega Traverse, as his most challenging hike to date. When asked if there was ever a time when he opted not to push through with a hike, his parents revealed that there was none. Being an active kid, he was always excited. Thus, whenever they are not out in the mountains, he would get their camping gears and convince them to go.



Because of his profound interest in hiking, it isn’t a surprise that Wyatt Maktrav currently holds an impressive record of 42 local mountains, and at the moment, he is out to conquer his 43rd and first ever international summit, Mt. Fansipan. Dubbed as the “Roof of Indochina,” Mt. Fansipan is Vietnam and Indochina’s highest mountain with an elevation of 3,143 meters above sea level (10,312 feet).

In preparation for the said hike, Wyatt’s parents made sure he is physically fit, even having him vaccinated a week prior to the climb. Necessary gears were also prepared beforehand to make sure he does not experience hypothermia. They are expected to finish the climb on December 3, 2016.

unnamed-3Facebook / Twitter / Wyatt Maktrav

As much as hiking plays a huge part in Wyatt and his parents’ lives, he also enjoys other activities like swimming. Such an adventurous life wouldn’t be possible for the little Wyatt if not for the love and support of his parents. More than anything, their ultimate advice to him is to just simply enjoy life and love nature. Whatever he wants in the future, they will always support him.

Sarah Jane Casasola

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