4 Ways to goodbye Diaper

The key to finally saying goodbye to your kid’s diaper is not forceful action but patience. There are a number of techniques to usher a child to graduate from his diaper in the most natural and loving way.  PSST.ph shares four easy tricks.

Own potty

4 Ways to goodbye Diaper
4 Ways to goodbye Diaper

Having his own potty where he will go when he feels the need to is helpful.  This will encourage him to use his potty as he will consider it as his own special place.  The potty should be appropriate to his size.  It may help if you buy something he finds attractive so he will use it often.

Having his own potty doesn’t work though if you will not show how to use it.  As much as possible, bring him regularly in that same spot on the same day every day.  The point is to get him used to the idea of going to his potty to pee and poop.    This needs a lot of patience, determination, and love.

Potty training can be implemented to kids as young as one year old.   He may use an underwear during the day.  Then at bedtime, he may wear a disposable diaper until he gets used to the idea of using his potty even at night.

Cute underwear

A toddler at two years old can express his favorite cartoon characters.  Take advantage of this stage and introduce underwear with cute Disney or Marvel designs.  This will encourage him to use underwear instead of disposable diapers.   If he doesn’t have a favorite character, you may opt for his preferred color.  The idea is for him to look forward to wearing his underwear with his favorite design or color.

This tactic though is useless if you will not train him to go to the comfort room anytime he feels like using it.  Otherwise, he will just wet his brief and even the bed.

Form a habit

Studies say it takes 21 days to form a habit.  Make it a regular practice to visit the comfort room before bedtime.

It would help as well if you limit your kid’s liquid intake at least two hours before he hits the sack.  This makes the pressure to urinate at night lesser.  A few pediatricians even suggest bringing the child to the comfort room in the middle of the night so he can pee.  It will help if you have a peeing sound so he would know he needs to empty his bladder.

Another tactic is to show him how to pee and poop.  Research shows that familiarity to a certain behavioral pattern leads to possibly form a habit.

Show patience

Introducing a new habit to a toddler needs a lot of patience.  This patience is what will guide you to teach him how to sit on the toilet bowl or use his potty.  The same patience you need in assisting him to make that visit to the loo and every time he fails to do so.

Goodbye diaper

4 Ways to goodbye Diaper
4 Ways to goodbye Diaper

As there are some toddlers who show indication of being ready to graduate from using diapers, there are a few who do not have the same interest.  Potty training a child is a lot easier if he has a better understanding of the concept.  It is important, too, that your little one is ready for the transition. If he doesn’t show the slightest interest, again, patience is needed to introduce a habit or wait for his cues when he is ready.  Insisting something might be too traumatic for his little understanding that may cause more harm than help.   Thus again, boils down  to the number one rule: be patient.

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