A 3-month-old’s developmental milestones

It has been three months since you’ve given birth.  As you recover from childbirth, your three-month-old is also becoming stronger and growing bigger every day.  By this time, he is able to settle into a schedule, giving you more time to rest and heal.  Below are some of the most common developmental milestones seen in a three-month-old child.

A 3-month-old developmental milestones
A 3-month-old developmental milestones

Motor skills

At around three months old,  a baby may sit down with your assistance.  He has better control of his head and loves to move around.  He loves to try rolling from his tummy to his back.  During tummy time, he can also slightly lift his head and even push up on his hands.


A three-month-old baby can turn his head at the sound of his parents’ voice.   You will also notice he smiles often, again upon hearing his loved ones’ voice. He also loves to smile for pleasure which most child psychologists refer to as a social smile.

He also loves looking at brightly colored objects same with catching his reflection in the mirror.

A 3-month-old developmental milestones
A 3-month-old developmental milestones

Sleep pattern

Your three-month-old baby now gives you the favor to sleep longer and better.  He can now sleep for a stretch of at least six hours a night.  He may wail a few for food or diaper change then he will again go back to his sleep.

During the day, he may take a few naps of about one 1/2 to two hours each day.

Verbal skills

Aside from crying to communicate his fear, hunger, or anxiety, he also loves to make sounds.  The easiest he can do are “ah” and “oh.”  It is prudent then that you communicate often with your baby so he may hear more sounds.  He loves listening to anything you say.  He may even extend his arms to connect with you.

A 3-month-old developmental milestones

At this stage, your three-month-old is slowly being used to patterns.  He sleeps regularly during the time you put him to sleep.  He also loves a few playtime and of course, story time.

A 3-month-old developmental milestones
A 3-month-old developmental milestones

If you haven’t seen these developmental milestones to your three-month-old child, it wouldn’t hurt if you encourage him to grow. Display brightly colored toys around him.  He would surely love looking at them, reach even, and play with them.  Do not tire spending a few minutes playing with your little one.  Read or sing to him.  Most importantly, show to him your love and care.  With all your support and affection, your baby would surely be excited to learn and grow up faster than you could ever imagine.

* Information here is based on the writer’s own observation with guidance from her children’s pediatrician.

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