12th edition of Art in the Park

For the benefit of the Museum Foundation of the Philippines (MFPI), 59 galleries, art collectives, independent art spaces, and student groups will gather on April 15 at the Jaime Velasquez Park in Salcedo Village, Makati City for the 12th edition of Art in the Park.

As one of the major contributors to the country’s burgeoning art scene, Art in the Park, the country’s premiere and most significant affordable art fair, inevitably draws huge, lively, and engaged crowds. There are the serious collectors on the hunt to snag another treasure or two, and there are also those who simply find pleasure in looking at, and learning more about, art in an informal and relaxed setting, with a vibe that is casual and easy-going.

Art in the Park crowd shot (night)

True to its primary goal of making Philippine modern and contemporary art more accessible to more people, Art in the Park prescribes a cap of P50,000 on the art works, and it is not at all far-fetched to be able to obtain a coveted piece for much less. This allows for that beautiful painting, or intriguing photograph, or exquisite piece of sculpture, or delicate pottery to be within reasonable reach of all types of budgets.

Supporting MFPI in its mission to create awareness for the National Museum and its network, and ultimately in developing and promoting Philippine culture and art, Art in the Park continues to earmark a portion of all sales to the Museum Foundation of the Philippines.

Art in the Park

Following its custom of featuring special exhibits by artists chosen by the fair’s organizers, this year’s Art in the Park will highlight installations by Tekla Tamoria, a multi-media artist and graduate of UP’s Fine Arts program. Her paper installations, Colony, will feature her personal creative take on beehives. Convex forms shot through with hexagon-shaped holes and clustered together in random patterns will adorn the park’s trees, a fitting backdrop for her organic and nature-inspired pieces.

Jacob Lindo, who frequently works with collage, will also have his art available at the MFPI booth.  His Did You See The Words #4, exhibited in 2017, captures the unexpected yet light-hearted feel of Art in the Park.

As regular fairgoers recognize by now, music, food. and drinks also complement the Art in the Park experience. Food concessionaires will make available a variety of dishes that will cater to all types of tastes, with even vegetarian meals in the offing. Not to be missed, and certainly worth partaking of, is the street food of highly acclaimed chef Margarita Fores, the featured chef at this year’s fair. And, while Soulful Mood will provide soothing jazz music throughout the day, Bea Lorenzo, as special guest performer, will render songs in the evening. With her soulful voice accompanied by the resonant notes of her kalimba, it will be a fitting finale at the close of, what Art in the Park hopes will be, an awe-inspiring day.

Art in the Park 2018 is sponsored by Brgy. Bel-Air, MACEA, Bank of The Philippine Islands, Globe Platinum, and Hoppler.

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