123Movies: free online streaming (Review)

123Movies is a streaming site where you can watch movies online for free. With tons of streaming sites that are readily available online, how does it stack up to similar streaming sites? Is it worth your time to visit 123Movies to watch your favorite TV shows online for free? Let’s take a closer look and find out!

The Design

123Movies features a unique website look and design. You’ll be greeted by a plethora of TV and movie viewing options the moment you land on the website. At the top of the home page, you can see the latest and the hottest additions you can check out.

The design is wonderfully made. The selections are easy to see and the text is easy to read. You can scroll down and get more TV and movie selections. Each content is divided into its own categories. If you’re feeling a bit lazy, you can head to the Suggestion part and browse through movies and TV series that are classified under Top Rating, Top Favorite, Top Views Today and Hot.

Navigating the website is easy and done in a relatively simple manner. You won’t need to click through countless menus to get to where you need to go. If you ever feel the need to dive deep and see what 123Movies has to offer, you can go to the menu on top and at the bottom and go from there.

The Movies and TV Shows

Here’s where it gets interesting. 123Movies is constantly updated with entertaining content for the viewers. A quick glance at the Hot Section, Latest Movies Section and the Latest TV Series Section will show you that the streaming site is working hard to bring the latest movies and TV shows for their viewers.

What sets apart 123Movies from other streaming sites is that you can make a request for a particular movie or TV show as long as they don’t have it yet. This caters to the needs and demand of the audience as well as it signals the site that new movies or shows are up to be watched.

The selection is divided into categories such as Country, Genre, TV-Series, Top IMDb, Request, with more options at the bottom. You will be able to choose Documentary, Animation, Costume, Comedy and it shows the movies and TV series by country as well.

The Player

With the many video contents, you’ll certainly want a no-fuss video player that has no issues.

Clicking on any TV show or movie will bring you to another page. A big pulsing “Play” button in pink color will show up. You’ll also get to see a number of interesting details related to the show you’ll be watching. The Quality, Duration and IMDB rating will be displayed. Also, a list of related shows will be shown below.

The video player loads fast (for users with fast internet connection) and displays good to excellent resolution picture. A plethora of viewing options appear at the bottom. You can maximize the screen, turn off closed captioning, mute the audio, turn off light or add TV shows to your favorites.

The Auto Next option lets you sit on your couch and allows the player to load the next episode without ever lifting a finger. You will not be able to change the video quality because the video player automatically adjusts it depending on how fast your internet connection is.

Good points about 123Movies
  • The amount of TV shows and movies is astounding, and a lot more are being added every day.
  • You can request a particular TV show or movie and the streaming site will have it uploaded shortly.
  • There’s a number of articles you can read if you’re stuck on what to watch.
  • The Auto Next feature is so convenient which other streaming sites don’t have.
  • Watching is free and there’s no need for a registration.
  • Downside: The video player is flash-based, which means you can’t control the video quality output.

123Movies is one of the best platforms to watch movies and TV shows online for free. If you want a great streaming website and start binge watching your favorite TV shows and new movies, then go, watch them at 123Movies!

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