12 Skin Care Hacks for a Flawless Complexion

Your complexion is one of the indicators of your overall health. If you are practicing bad health habits like lack of sleep, less water intake, poor eating habits, and neglect on skin care, it is reflected on your skin condition. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to forego proper skin care if you are practicing a healthy lifestyle.


Having a basic skin care routine is very easy and it can be easier by following some hacks that really work to have that natural healthy glow on your skin. Here they are:

–  Don’t forget to apply sunscreen from head to toe when going outdoors daily. No matter what the weather or the season is, the sun’s rays can burn your skin even if it feels cool. The sun’s rays that are reflected off on a white surface or water are very powerful too. Cristine Reyes, Filipina actress, has mentioned in one of her interviews that she always makes it a habit to wear sunscreen even when she’s at home because she is aware that ultraviolet (UV) radiation, the major source is the sun, also bounces back on pavements even if she’s inside the house.

– No matter what you do and your skin type is, there are available varieties of high-protection lotion with sunscreen that you can use to keep yourself protected. Invest on it because it can save you from getting burns and dreaded skin diseases like cancer.

– Apply lotion or body oil after washing or taking a bath to lock in skin’s moisture. This habit will make your skin look hydrated, moisturized, and supple longer.

– Remember,  the higher the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of your sunscreen or lotion, the higher the level that it protects your skin from the harmful UV rays. Sunscreen blocks UV light from reaching the skin but only to a certain degree for a limited amount of time (MacGill, 2016). You have to limit your exposure to the heat of the sun for 15 minutes only despite wearing a sunscreen.


– Never forget to remove your makeup and clean your face before going to bed.

– If you wear makeup most of the time, give yourself at least one day a week to let yourself go without it.

– If you notice that your face is puffy upon waking up in the morning, keep your facial mist, toner, and cotton pads in the refrigerator to solve the problem quickly.


– Before applying shaving cream, apply moisturizing or hydrating lotion to have a smoother finish when shaving your legs or underarms. Men can also do this by applying facial moisturizer before rubbing shaving cream prior to shaving their beard or mustache.

– If you have stubborn whiteheads and blackheads, fret not because they can be removed easily by applying salt and mint toothpaste mixture. Get one teaspoon of salt and mix it with two teaspoons of mint toothpaste. Add a little water if the mixture is too gummy. Massage it using your fingertips in circular motion on the affected area. You may also use an old toothbrush. Leave it for a few minutes and scrub it gently using a damp face towel to take it off together with the whiteheads and blackheads. When the paste is entirely removed and the area is clean, seal the pores using an ice cube.

– When you fry or use egg in your meals, please don’t throw the shell. You may use the egg white that is left on the inner surface as a facial mask to make your facial skin taut and firm (Castro, 2017).

– If you are acne or pimple prone, warm salt solution is the inexpensive key to the problem. It is highly recommended that you do it before going to bed. Once you have cleansed yourself, dissolve one to two tablespoons of “clean” salt in warm water. To avoid burning your skin, test the water’s temperature with your elbow to make sure that you can stand it. Wash the acne or pimple prone area repeatedly until the salt solution is about to get cold. Don’t wipe. Just air dry. Do this regimen once a day until you are not prone to acne or pimple anymore.


– If your facial skin is highly sensitive, why not try washing it with feminine wash? If it’s mild down there because it has the right amount of pH, it’s surely mild for your face.

Living a healthy lifestyle includes loving your skin too. Putting an extra effort in taking care of it won’t hurt, would it?



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