12 Fashion Trends for 2018

Taking cues from global clothing and accessory brands’ Spring/Summer 2018 collection which showcases style authorities from VogueGlamourEsquire magazines and from the catwalks of New York, Tokyo, Milan, Paris, Seoul , London, Barcelona and Sao Paulo, find out the  2018 fashion trends that fashionistas can get excited about.

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12 Fashion Trends for 2018 

violet dress

1) The color of the year is shades of purple or ultra violet, symbolizing originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking to propel us to the future.

2) Balloon sleeves and voluminous blouses that resemble the fashion scene of the 19th century are also predicted to dominate the scene.

3) Bike Shorts – From the  ’90s, these are making a comeback in lace form.

plastic jackets

4) Plastic jackets will be popular not only in movies but in everyday wear.

5) Disco Flair – This wouldn’t be a fashion trend roundup if there wasn’t any mention of a past decade making a comeback.

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6) Oversize jewelries and bling bling accessories – Jewelries used to be a divisive topic for men and women.  Other men took it in a more statement-making direction with piled-on vintage necklaces and customized fashion accessories.

There will be tangled silver pendants, gemstones and chains. Some trendy accessories for 2018 are chokers, puka shells and bangles for women.


7) Sportswear will continue to bleed into casual wear, and athletic stripes could become more common on dress pants. As for color, men’s fashion is taking a more muted, earthier turn. Grey, browns and green will be on trend.

tack pants
8) Tinsel fringe will be back for women .


9) Measured sheer – From pastel colors to boxy suit jackets and light wash jeans with frayed hems (or – gulp! – even a crease ironed in).

Aerobic leggings

This was the fashion trend in the 1980’s. Among the other fashion trends include mesh, waffle and ribbed fabrics – will be big and go to trend will be oversize pieces of clothes combined in layers.

white dress

10) Everything white – One of the easiest ways to get that eighties vibe is to try out the most popular white looks from the catwalks. Being a tropical county, white from head to toe which also includes accessories is a sure hit.

11) Art impressions on shorts, pants and dress.

12) Shoulder pads for men and women, an emblem of 1980’s fashion, will rise from the dead in 2018, although in a smaller scale.

Do you know any fashion trends for 2018 that we may have forgotten to list down?





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