12 Fascinating Booths at the FYI Home Living Fair

FYI Home Living Fair is the leading contemporary lifestyle brand and the nation’s community of chefs, creators and innovators to showcase a world of creativity and craft at the first-ever FYI, Home and Living Fair from August 10 to 13, at the World Trade Center, Hall D, Pasay City , Metro Manila . 

FYI Home and Living Fair
FYI Home and Living Fair

For Your Indulgence, savor the pleasures of the world with the massive selection of food and beverages at the international food zone and meet FYI’s travel and culinary show host, Mr. Adam Liaw of Destination Flavour as he shares tips in his culinary talks and “live” cooking demonstrations at the FYI Tutorial stage.

Here are Some of the Fascinating Booths 

FYI Home Living Fair
Leather PH

1.) Leather PH – showcases different kinds leather products. The booth  have a live demonstration on how hand-made leather items are made.

FYI Home Living Fair
The Manila Collectible Company

2.) The Manila Collectible Company or TMCC, Have their boutique store within Fort Santiago showcasing Philippine products like tinalak weave, native products. The company also conduct historical and heritage tours around Manila.

Full Scale Reptiles
Full Scale Reptiles ( Photo courtesy : FB page)

3.) Full Scale Reptiles and Exotics – Several kinds of ball pythons, reptiles and terrarium set-up . The proprietors started as pet hobbyists and the exotic reptiles are all sourced rom reputable breeding facilities.

Address; 745 N.S. Amoranto Street ( formerly Retiro Street ) Quezon City 

Contact : 0917- 914 9391

FYI Home Living Fair

Terrariums are usually a sealable glass container containing soil, indoor and aerial plants .

FYI Home Living Fair

4.) Poultry – for a small fee of Php 50 – one can take photos and pet some poultry animals like Chinese Silkie chicken, ducks and rabbits.

FYI Home Living Fair
Gawad Kalinga

5.) Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm– There are a lot of organic products and fresh farm produce by Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm associate families. The group’s platform to raise social entrepreneurs, help our local farmers and create wealth in the countryside.

FYI Home Living Fair
Gantsilyo Manila

6.) Gantsilyo Manila– Showcases different handmade into cute items such as pokemon balls, dolls and pouch bags.

FYI Home Living Fair
Malaysian Embassy and Philippine Airlines

7.) Malaysian Embassy and Philippine Airlines booth- Malaysian Embassy had colorful brochure, postcards and package tours that are available.

walkwithchan 196

8.) Designer’s Crib and Maikala Wire Concepts are stalls which sell hand -made items.

FYI Home Living Fair
Maikala Wire Concepts

Maikala Wire Concepts specializes on hand-made wires from accessories like earrings, bookmarks, bookmarks, key-chains among other stuffs. The stall takes pride from the works of the tandem of Mike and Iya.

FYI Home Living Fair
Darth Vader wire

Some of the items are simple and are worth between Php 100 to Php 200 . Some of the other items are more elaborate.

FYI Home Living Fair
Nipa Brew

9.) Nipa Brew– One of a kind local beer brew, This come in two flavors.

FYI Home Living Fair

10.) Passbook– Those who are interested with handmade paper , notebooks and scrap books.

FYI Home Living Fair
cacti and items for sale

11.) Project Lemons had 4 stores and specializes on mugs, tumbler, bags, indoor plants and cacti.

FYI Home Living Fair
model unit

12.) Tiny Homes by Architect Adriel Humpherdic P. Tan and Associates – This is a model 15 square- meters model house unit . The unit had a sala set, sleeping room, working area, storage area and bathroom.

FYI Home Living Fair
Tiny Home- Mark Eugene Tan

Contact Person : Arch Adriel Humpherdic P. Tan -0917-6282841 / +632-714-8351

Website: https://www.ahptarchitects.com/

There are also several food stalls selling food a stage area where live seminars, talks and demonstration will take place. Try to buy some of the home made items , These will surely help the social communities which some of the stalls and entrepreneurs are helping.

Admission to FYI Home & Living Fair is included with HISTORY Con 2017 passes.

FYI® is available on SKYCableCh 79; Cable Link Ch. 44; Dream Satellite Ch 21

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