10,000 Roses Café: The Next Date Destination

Have you ever fancied having a romantic date in a place lit with glowing flowers? Here in the Philippines, a café called 10,000 Roses Café has set foot in Cordova, Cebu to give customers and tourists a different ambiance and experience. Only a 30-minute ride from Mactan International Airport, this place has been a booming tourist destination not only for local travelers from Metro Cebu but from all over the country.

The café is set at a waterfront overlooking mainland Cebu in the far side of the island. Dates can be romantic at night especially at the back patio and on the roof deck as it illuminates the skyline and the metro. Cool breeze embraces while you enjoy a hot coffee with great company.

10,000 Lit Roses at Sunset
10,000 roses cafe
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What awes everyone who visits the place is when sunset strikes at around six. 10,000 roses set on both sides of the concrete path leading to the dining area are being lit, setting a very stunning and lovely blooms of white. The three-meter high LED-powered plastic roses resemble to that of Korea’s Dongdaemun Plaza.

10,000 roses cafe
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10,000 roses cafe
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Each flower glows as darkness strikes and becomes part of the blanket of white lights. It even brings a magical effect when winds blow and the thousands of flowers sway in splendid motion. A big white rose on the cafe’s wall facing the 10,000 roses, which is a piece of art, also illuminates the place and brings delight to its guests.

10,000 roses cafe
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The 10,000 roses, which is apparently the selling point of the café, attracts over 20,000 visitors and tourists every week. The local tourist office has been closely monitoring the influx of visitors and its effect on the area as some trash have been spotted on the waters surrounding the area. Mr. Miguel Cho, the manager of the café, said over 30,000 visitors visited the coffee shop in a particular day. At least 500 LED roses either got bent or cut as a result.

The coffee shop is becoming the next destination for tourists. Visitors are encouraged to be responsible in keeping and maintaining the cleanliness of the place. Taking care of it as well as keeping our hands and feet off the roses to preserve its beauty and attractiveness would greatly be appreciated.

10,000 Roses Café was developed through a public-private partnership according to the Cordova Tourism Office. The development and reclamation of the area started from the town’s tourism center. Now, it is considered as one of the “must-see firsts” in the Philippines.

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