10 Tips When Traveling with Pets

Road trips are fun when you are with your family. Your pet is part of the family too. Making your travel safe and comfy to your pet can make it even easier and hassle-free. Following these tips by PSST! PH can make it possible.

1.  Put a tag on your pet with your contact details on it as early as you get it because the tag serves as its identification. Anyone who finds it whenever it gets lost can locate or contact you. Taking a photo of your pet before you leave can be used for identification purposes too.

tips on traveling with a pet, dog, cat, puppy, kitten

2. Before having a car trip with your pet, make it used to its pet carrier. Put it outside where your pet can smell and explore it and even sleep in it.

3. If you are planning to take your cat or dog on a long car trip, you have to make sure that your pet is used to it. First, take short rides and increase the time on each subsequent trip to familiarize your pet with the feeling of traveling.

4. Your pet is like a human baby. It feels comfortable when it is surrounded with a familiar item or smell. If your pet is traveling on a carrier, make sure that you put its favorite toy inside to make it feel secure. You may also line the carrier with your old clothing because your scent can keep it relaxed as if you are giving it a warm hug.

tips on traveling with a pet, dog, cat, puppy, kitten

5. If your pet has the tendency to experience car sickness, avoid giving it water two hours before your trip. Make sure also that you don’t feed it six hours before leaving home.

6. Always make sure that your dog or cat’s pet carrier is buckled up or properly restrained before you start the engine of your car to avoid injuries or other accidents.

tips on traveling with a pet, dog, cat, puppy, kitten

7. Carry with you a thermal bag where you can put your pet’s container of frozen water. As you are having your road trip, the frozen water gets thawed and your pet has something fresh and cool to drink.

8. It is advisable to bring water from home for your pet. The different mineral content of the water in a new location may cause diarrhea to it.

9. When you are traveling with a dog, make sure that it’s on a leash before you get out of the car. Otherwise, it may get overexcited and jump out immediately of the car and there’s a possibility that it gets hit by another vehicle.

10. When you are traveling with a cat, keep the pet carrier firmly closed. Don’t release it until you get indoors at your destination. If it panics and jumps out of the carrier and runs away chances are that you may not find it again.

tips on traveling with a pet, dog, cat, puppy, kitten


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