10 Items Every Woman Should Have in Her Handbag


A woman’s handbag is like her best friend. Women carry a lot of important things in their bags. The saying that “Behind every successful woman is a fabulous handbag” couldn’t be more accurate sometimes. Strong and independent women are always on the go: they wake up early in the morning; they exercise regularly; and they try to fit all the important things in their lives into their busy schedule. Their bags become one of the most important allies in helping them reach all their goals. A lot of women tend to carry plenty of unwanted and unnecessary stuff in their purses. If you are one of them, don’t worry, it’s never too late to change your habits. Psst.ph has rounded up 10 items a modern woman on the move must have in her bag. Check this out…


Foldable flats

shoes-2269717_960_720When wedges have become passe and stilettos are just plain painful, flats have always been ideal for any sartorialist on the move. Folded conveniently in a handbag, this fashion staple is any woman’s saving grace.

Mobile Phone


Mobile phones are a must to get you updated on the news, fashion and whatever your interests are. Make sure you are connected with your friends both online and offline and you can also update them through social media. Shopaholics can now revel in the age of speedy WIFI and conveniently browse shops and products via convenient shopping mobile apps.




Women invest on statement accessories in an era of minimalism. From bespoke trinkets to heirloom pieces, jewelry lends a stroke of individuality against a backdrop of monochromatic dresses.

Red Lipstick


From suggestive rouge to deep crimson, the red lipstick poses a statement of will and glamour–taking you from a long brunch meeting to a nighttime rendezvous.

Ear Phones/Plugs


A homage to the fields of fashion and technology, earphones or plugs are electronic stuff with cables that match your outfit, connecting your fave devices at lightning speed. Making sure that you play and enjoy your fave music through Spotify.



More than simple time-tellers, classy timepieces have always been reliable indicators of style and taste–requisites for women willing to compromise neither fashion nor precision.



What you can call the most reliable tool for concealment, sunnies can save every woman lacking in sleep yet rushing to the next appointment.



On a night-out where the old, overloaded tote looks sorely out of place, a clutch holding all the essentials has never been more on point. Just opt for one that comes conveniently with a detachable strap.

Notebook and Pen


You never know when you’ll get a brilliant idea or when you’ll have to write down an important phone number. It’s always best to be prepared and by the way, there are so many cute handmade diaries and notebooks that you can choose from! Many creatives owe their genius to half-baked ideas, hurriedly jotted down. Campaign slogans and business models started as scribbles on pocket-sized notebooks documented with a classy pen.

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