10 Gory Horror Films You Need to See

If you love horror films and you like them brutal and bloody, here is a list of movies with a considerable amount of graphic horror violence and gore:

The Cabin in the Woods (2012) 

Director: Drew Goddard

Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon teamed up to bring one of the most revolutionary horror flicks of the decade. With a great mix of fantasy, horror, and mystery, The Cabin in the Woods promises loads of gore and a good scare.

The Devil’s Rejects (2005)

Director: Rob Zombie

A gruesome, brutal, grab-you-by-the-throat-and-never-let-go with a touch of dark comedy kind of horror film, The Devil’s Rejects is one of the must watch flicks of this decade.  Suspenseful all throughout and would never disappoint when it comes to bloodbath!

Dead Alive (1992) 

Director: Peter Jackson

Before Peter Jackson became known for his work on Lord of the Rings, he was one of the premiere cult directors. The greatest production he has is his 1992 zombie film called Braindead, released as Dead Alive in Hollywood. Dead Alive is definitely one of the ghastliest pictures of all time! It is crazed of a bizarre carnival entertainment that makes it one of the ultimate cult horror classics. Did I mention loads upon loads of oozy blood are expected?

Hellbound: Hellraiser II (1988) 

Director: Tony Randel

Out of all the 9 Hellraiser films, Hellbound: Hellraiser II is the most well-done. The special effects are purely awesome with a plot that keeps you on the edge of your seat all the way through. Every gruesome part is realistic and definitively made for the non-queasy.

Evil Dead II (1987) 

Director: Sam Raimi

A good mix of head decapitating, body mutilating, hand cutting, and demon blood draining makes Evil Dead II a glorious grisly film. Everything from the daring camera angles to the sound effects Raimi used is just spot on!

Day of the Dead (1985)

Director: George Romero

Zombie movies are absolutely one of the goriest sub-genre themes. Day of the Dead brings flesh-eating to a whole new level. With people being shredded and consumed by the un-dead, this movie is a complete gore fest.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974)

Director: Tobe Hooper

Forget the remakes and the sequels. The 1974 Texas Chain Saw Massacre is extremely dark and very sadistic. Let this film’s gruesome scenes show you what torture is about — complete with jarring scenes of throat-peeling screams, blood-shot eyes, haunting laughter, and chainsaws. It’s artistically blood filled and meticulously bizarre.

The Last House on the Left (1972)

Director: Wes Craven

I’ve never seen a film that’s as perverse as The Last House on the Left. If you are into disturbing acts of violence, this movie should be on your list. Revolving around the story of two girls and a gang of psychotic convicts, well, you do the math.

The Wizard of Gore (1970)

Director: Herschell Gordon Lewis

Herschell Gordon Lewis is known as the godfather of gore and this flick is one of his best splatter films. Picture this: a magician has the ability to hypnotize people and present horrendous on-stage illusions. Need I say more?

Blood Feast (1963) 

Director: Herschell Gordon Lewis

What’s a list of gory films without Blood Feast? Being the first ever splatter flick made, Herschell Gordon Lewis (yes, still the Godfather of Gore), shaped a new category of film. With excessive blood and guts and dark humor, Blood Feast is a must watch for all the blood splash fans out there.

Gore in horror films is a multipurpose element. It adds some sort of realness, dictates horror, maxes out the gross aspect, and sometimes makes the movie funny. Whatever your reason for watching a gory horror movie may be, this list will surely satisfy your thirst for blood and guts! (I cannot promise you this would be the last list I’d make under this category as there are still so much good ones out there!) Let me know in the comments if you have other movies in mind.

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